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New AWS Marketplace IoT Discovery Webpage Accelerates IoT Innovation

AWS Marketplace now has an IoT discovery webpage that makes it easier for you to buy IoT software from popular software vendors that’s integrated with, or running on, AWS Cloud services. This page features 17 IoT software providers.

IoT is a complex industry represented by connected devices and the data they produce, supported by a variety of interrelated technologies across hardware and software platforms. The IoT value chain consists of several categories, including hardware (sensors, edge devices, gateways), connectivity, cloud and infrastructure, applications, and professional services. The IoT space is growing at a rapid-fire pace, and presents a nearly overwhelming selection for customers who want to find the right products to integrate into their AWS IoT projects. Customers look to AWS Marketplace for IoT software solutions, and the new IoT discovery webpage will help them make sense of the fragmented environment of products and software by placing these services in one easy-to-find location.

AWS Marketplace is a sales channel that software companies use to offer software solutions to AWS customers. You can easily find and buy software as a service (SaaS) products, Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), or AWS CloudFormation template-based software deployments from popular software vendors. The software solutions listed on the IoT discovery webpage integrate with AWS IoT or other AWS services, and are billed to the customer’s AWS account rather than being billed by the vendor.

AWS Marketplace vendors offer over 60 products with IoT use cases, across networking, security, database, business intelligence, and other categories. The AWS Marketplace IoT discovery webpage helps customers select the right products faster by showcasing products within the following subcategories, to reduce the time and resources required to discover, procure, and implement an IoT project:

  • Edge, gateway, and connectivity: Includes software to manage data ingestion, device certificates/security, edge processing on the gateway, and global connectivity.
  • Development tools: Offers solutions to help partners and customers build best-in-class applications, reducing the friction developers face today when building IoT applications.
  • Data analytics and machine learning: Offers solutions to turn data into meaningful information to support business insights and outcomes.

Today’s featured partners who have earned the AWS IoT Competency include Eseye, Bsquare, ThingLogix, Splunk and Bright Wolf.


Pinacl is a Consulting Partner that leveraged the AWS Marketplace IoT selection to deliver IoT services quickly to Newport City Council, in Wales.

“ on AWS Marketplace made it possible for Pinacl to very quickly launch a smart city proof of concept for Newport that is powered by AWS,” says Mark Lowe, strategic relations director at Pinacl. “If you’re setting up infrastructure the traditional way, in phase one, you have to set up to handle thousands of sensors when you might only want to start with 10. Using on AWS meant Newport could start small with very little investment or risk and figure out which projects delivered the most value.”


“Our experience in dealing with industrial IoT deployments across a number of market segments shows data is the primary determinant in achieving the business outcomes our customers seek,” said Dave McCarthy, Bsquare Senior Director of Products. “By making DataV Discover available in AWS Marketplace, businesses can quickly determine IoT use cases that their data will support, thereby reducing risk and maximizing the probability of success.”

Now, you can more easily navigate, discover, and purchase the software and services needed as we  build successful IoT solutions and applications to fuel innovation and their business.

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