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Newest AWS Partner Success Stories: 2nd Watch and Druva

We work with a large number of Enterprise customers on AWS, providing them with services and support to meet their often unique security, compliance, privacy, and governance requirements. A number of our APN Partners are focused on the Enterprise space, and have expertise in helping enable Enterprise customers as they address their business needs on AWS. Today we’d like to tell you about two of these APN Partners and discuss their work with AWS: Premier APN Consulting Partner 2nd Watch, and Advanced all-in APN Technology Partner Druva.

2nd Watch: Enterprise Workload Management on AWS


2nd Watch is an enterprise workload management provider that helps companies accelerate data center capacity growth through adoption of the Amazon Web Services cloud. The organization’s cloud-native services and tools implement and automate critical workload management processes including migration, procurement, provisioning, operations, financial management, and governance. Since its inception, 2nd Watch has been a cloud-native company. “We are cloud born, and 100 percent public cloud and AWS focused,” said Jeff Aden, EVP of Strategic Business Development & Co-Founder at 2nd Watch. Since 2010, the team has been focused on providing enterprise customers with solutions that are highly flexible, scalable, and available. Enterprise capabilities were the biggest criteria for 2nd Watch in deciding to build its business on the cloud. The 2nd Watch team determined early on that by focusing its business solely on the cloud, the company would be able to not only support the needs of its enterprise customers, but to innovate on behalf of its customer base and provide best of breed services and tools to address enterprise business needs.

As the team compared cloud providers and determined who to engage, AWS stood out. “Originally, we looked at having an agnostic business model. We went through a matrix of the available options and said, ‘What’s the investment in the cloud from this provider, in everything from the infrastructure to the ecosystem, training, and development?’ AWS emerged as the primary place for us to place a strategic bet. We determined that, in our opinion, AWS is the only public cloud service provider with the tools and products to run enterprise production in the public cloud,” said Aden. 2nd Watch works with customers that have a wide range of workloads running on AWS, and provides enterprise customers with a large breadth of services and tools to provide these customers the ability to work effectively with the AWS platform. “Our public cloud-native services and tools implement and automate critical workload management processes for the enterprise, including migration, procurement, provisioning, operations, financial management, and governance,” Aden explained. Rapid business growth, decreased costs for customers and a decreased time to market, internal efficiency, and the scalability of enterprise workloads are just a few of the benefits 2nd Watch has experienced in working with AWS. 2nd Watch’s business has grown substantially on AWS since it first starting working with AWS in 2010, and the ability for 2nd Watch to use, deliver, and execute globally with a set of similar products and functionality has facilitated global growth. “We’ve increased bookings 260 percent year-over-year,” said Aden.

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Druva: Scalability for Enterprise Data Protection Solutions on AWS


Founded in 2008, Druva’s founders set out to create a new kind of data protection solution for the enterprise: one that could handle the fast growing demands of end user mobility while reducing IT’s workload. The result is a fully-integrated, easy-to-use platform for enterprise-wide data protection and governance. Druva first released its inSync solution in 2008. Druva inSync provides a fully integrated, easy-to-use platform for enterprise-wide data protection and governance. Prior to working with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Druva inSync was sold purely as an on-premises software, but as the cloud became increasingly important to end customers, Druva’s leadership team saw the need to proactively elevate the product offering. “We decided we wanted to move away from a model that could only address on-premises deployments,” said Jaspreet Singh, CEO of Druva. “The cloud was a global trend that we had to adopt if we were to fulfil our ambition of disrupting the end point backup market. We would not have been able to grow the way we have if we had not adopted the cloud as a mainstream business strategy.”

As the organization began to develop a strategy for building a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, the company evaluated a number of cloud service providers to engage. “We did extensive research and trials with the leading cloud providers. We even evaluated the option of running our own cloud for inSync, but decided against this as it would take our focus off of our core offering,” explained Dave Packer, VP of Product Marketing. After extensive evaluation of the market, the choice was made to work with AWS. “AWS is known for its technology leadership and reputation as a continuous innovator,” added Packer. Other qualities that stood out to the Druva team were AWS’ focus on end customers and delivering features that customers express matter the most for their business needs, and AWS’ commitment to continuous and quick improvement and iteration. Additionally, a number of technical considerations differentiated AWS to the Druva team, including the ease of use of the AWS platform, highly scalable storage with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and the availability of on-demand compute resources. Working with AWS has enabled Druva to build a scalable, secure, market differentiating service available to customers across the globe. “If we had to manage our own data centers and platforms other than our own, we wouldn’t be able to grow as quickly as we have with the level of investment,” said Packer. “AWS continues to add services and regions that allow Druva to have a global presence and add functionality to our product. For example, this past year Druva was able to launch a new archival product with the use of Amazon Glacier,” continued Packer. “With our all-in strategy of having AWS power our cloud platform, we know we’re delivering the availability, security and accessibility that our customers need,” said Scott Siragusa, VP of Channels and Business Development.

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We love telling the stories of our top APN Partners, and we have a number of upcoming stories to be released. Stay tuned!