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Cloudanix’s Real-Time Threat and Anomaly Detection for Workloads on AWS

As cyber threats grow more sophisticated, real-time threat detection is critical for robust cloud security. AWS Partner Cloudanix leverages cloud infrastructure logs and machine learning to provide holistic, agentless monitoring across AWS environments. By analyzing activities and APIs in real-time, Cloudanix identifies threats and anomalies, alerts security teams, and recommends remediation steps. This enables rapid incident response, proactive security measures, and comprehensive visibility.

How Cloudanix Secures Containerized Applications Running on Amazon EKS

Kubernetes security is often approached in a fragmented way, separating build time, runtime, and infrastructure security. An interconnected security approach is essential, acknowledging relationships between build, runtime, and infrastructure. Cloudanix enables this through end-to-end integration, from build time image scanning to runtime threat monitoring, strengthening security posture by reducing attack surface, enhancing compliance, and empowering swift response.