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Wealth Management Giant built a Data Foundation Platform for Intraday Reporting with Unqork’s Codeless Platform on AWS

In the face of ever-stricter regulatory rules, rising client expectations for timely insights, and downward pressure on margins, wealth management firms are searching for ways to make their complex data management and reporting infrastructures less costly and more performant, reliable, and accurate—and able to support intraday reporting to better serve both internal stakeholders and clients. By leveraging the power and scalability of AWS along with Unqork’s codeless development platform, the firm was able to build highly scalable, transparent, event driven, and flexible data platform. By doing so, the firm will be able to deliver near real-time reporting, support more timely and powerful insights to advisor and client experiences, and power all new initiatives thanks to significant gains in operational efficiencies.

Building a Predictive Maintenance Solution Using AWS AutoML and No-Code Tools

Learn how equipment operators can build a predictive maintenance solution using AutoML and no-code tools powered by AWS. This type of solution delivers significant gains to large-scale industrial systems and mission-critical applications where the costs associated with machine failure or unplanned downtime can be high. The design of this solution is based on the experience of Grid Dynamics with manufacturing clients.


AWS Abstracts Your Infrastructure—Let Codeless Abstract Your Whole App Stack

By combining the cloud capabilities of AWS and the application stack capabilities of Unqork, you can take high-volume technical details—from setting up a cloud farm to updating APIs across your entire ecosystem—off your to-do list. In this post, you’ll learn how Unqork’s no-code application platform provides everything you need to build complex software that is fully customized to your business’s unique needs—even in highly regulated industries such as insurance, financial services, government services, and healthcare.