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How Cardinal Peak Harnessed AWS IoT ExpressLink to Speed Implementation Across the Development Lifecycle

Connecting IoT devices securely to the cloud can be complex, but AWS IoT ExpressLink simplifies this by providing connectivity modules with built-in security from AWS Partners. Cardinal Peak used these modules to accelerate IoT product prototyping, avoiding hardware redesigns, simplifying firmware, using pre-installed certificates, streamlining manufacturing, and enabling efficient cloud onboarding. Overall, AWS IoT ExpressLink helped Cardinal Peak save over 6 months of engineering time.

Accelerating the Modern Manufacturing Transformation with LTIMindtree’s Digital Command Center on AWS

In today’s industrial landscape, smart manufacturing is pivotal for sustainability and efficiency gains. However, organizations face challenges in gathering and consolidating data from multiple, often outdated sources on the manufacturing floor. LTIMindtree’s AWS-powered Digital Command Center (DCC) solution addresses this by enabling data acquisition, management, real-time KPI monitoring, and analytics-driven insights.

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Accelerate Product Development and Reduce Costs with Tech Mahindra’s Cloud-Based PLM Solution on AWS

Industry 4.0 increases product complexity and customer expectations, challenging industrial companies. Tech Mahindra’s Engineering on Cloud – PLM solution leverages AWS to help manufacturers centralize product data management and accelerate innovation. This cloud-native solution optimizes costs and provides enhanced security, scalability, and availability with faster time-to-market and streamlined collaboration.

How nClouds Helped OperationsRx Build and Deploy a SaaS Solution on AWS

Discover how a collaboration with AWS SaaS Factory revolutionized nClouds’ approach to SaaS and empowered its team to amplify its capabilities. Leveraging SaaS Factory’s technical knowledge equipped nClouds with the assurance and actionable insights needed to conquer the intricacies of the SaaS cloud landscape. For customers like OperationsRx, aligning with a SaaS Competency Partner like nClouds meant tapping into a reservoir of expertise, strengthened by years of experience from industry-leading experts.


Unlocking the Full Potential of Manufacturing Capabilities Through Digital Twins on AWS

Belden Inc. collaborated with AWS and Matterport to create a digital twin at its Richmond manufacturing facility. By capturing the plant environment with Matterport’s 3D camera and integrating sensor data through AWS IoT Core, they built a virtual representation of the assembly line. The digital twin enables Belden to gain insights, optimize operations, and improve asset performance in areas like employee training and preventative maintenance.


Automating Quality Machine Inspection Infused with Edge AI and Digital Twins for Device Monitoring

Kyndryl built an AI solution on AWS to detect pores in welding using acoustic data and a custom algorithm with voltage data. It’s an end-to-end solution that collects data from welding machines, processes it at the edge to detect pores, and streams it to the AWS cloud for historical analysis. Kyndryl’s pore detection solution on AWS increases quality and optimizes manufacturing, improving defect detection accuracy while increasing efficiency and reducing rework costs and customer churn.


How Product Manufacturers Increase Profits and Sustainability with AWS and aPriori

Manufacturers are adopting cloud solutions such as digital twins to gain new insights with existing data, improve collaboration, increase automation, gain detailed insights to reduce CO2 emissions, and increase efficiencies across product design. Learn how aPriori’s Manufacturing Insights Platform hosted on AWS provides an end-to-end digital twin solution empowering manufacturers to unlock and identify new opportunities rapidly for innovation, growth, cost savings, and sustainability.

Liveline Technologies: Artificial Intelligence Innovation in Manufacturing with AWS SaaS Factory Support

Delve into Liveline Technologies and its provision of factory-scale automation for manufacturers. Liveline Technologies swiftly generate AI-based controllers, adjusting equipment parameters in real-time across entire production lines. Learn how it leveraged support from the AWS SaaS Factory team to develop solutions that yield tangible benefits for customers, reducing scrap, waste, and energy usage while enhancing product quality, minimizing unplanned downtime, and boosting productivity.


Automated Cloud-to-Edge Deployment of Industrial AI Models with Siemens Industrial Edge

Data is transforming the manufacturing industry with use cases that reach from real-time performance monitoring of machines and equipment to optimized planning of workforces, tasks, and production configurations. Learn how the Siemens Industrial Edge enables users to easily and securely deploy models developed on AWS to the edge. We’ll also demonstrate how AWS services can be used to orchestrate the packaging and provisioning and deployment using Siemens Industrial Edge capabilities.


Unlocking the Potential of Smart Factories with Infosys Connected Operations on AWS

The industrial manufacturing sector is rapidly evolving, placing a strong emphasis on improving agility, flexibility, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Learn why Connected Operations on AWS (ConnectedOps) is a vital component of the Infosys Cobalt solution and effectively tackles industry-specific challenges. It stands on four key pillars: digital product execution, digital industrial asset management, digital workforce, and digital sustainability. The solution leverages AWS IoT services and the AWS Industrial Data Fabric.