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How AWS, STMicroelectronics, and LACROIX Are Making Cities Smarter and Safer with Edge AI

The rise of IoT has brought a proliferation of connected devices, with more convenience and efficiency for enterprise and end users. Microcontrollers are pivotal to deploying and running AI at the edge, and AWs is collaborating with STMicroelectronics, a leading microcontroller manufacturer, and LACROIX, a leader in smart city solutions, to simplify Edge AI adoption. We’ll highlight the critical role of each partner in making edge computing commercially viable across use cases and industries.


Unlocking the Potential of Smart Factories with Infosys Connected Operations on AWS

The industrial manufacturing sector is rapidly evolving, placing a strong emphasis on improving agility, flexibility, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Learn why Connected Operations on AWS (ConnectedOps) is a vital component of the Infosys Cobalt solution and effectively tackles industry-specific challenges. It stands on four key pillars: digital product execution, digital industrial asset management, digital workforce, and digital sustainability. The solution leverages AWS IoT services and the AWS Industrial Data Fabric.


Streamline Your IoT Journey on AWS with IoTConnect Platform as a Service

Vast amounts of data generated by IoT devices can be used to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and create new business opportunities. Building IoT solutions requires a set of skills and expertise, and the process of IoT development can be overwhelming for even experienced development teams. Learn how Avnet’s IoTConnect platform can help transform data effective to business. IoTConnect, is a middleware platform that brings together IoT hardware, software, data analytics, and AI.


Transforming Manufacturing Using Seamless IoT and Optimized Operations on AWS with Syntax

Manufacturing customers face the challenge of deriving insights from their shopfloor to enhance business decisions and production processes. Learn how Syntax’s Synsights platform powered by AWS enables integration of IoT data with manufacturing execution systems and enterprise resource planning systems like SAP. Syntax Synsights offers a pre-built solution that can be tailored to specific customer requirements, thus saving time, effort, and money while boosting ROI.

Implementing Industry 4.0 with AWS to Achieve IoT Integration, Scale, and Observability

AWS offers a wide range of services that can help implement Industry 4.0 processes and tools seamlessly. Concept Reply supports and advises customers on all aspects of IoT and cloud computing—from designing and developing customized IoT solutions to implementing and managing them seamlessly. Learn how AWS services can be utilized to develop a scalable IoT solution that offers high performance and low latency, along with monitoring capabilities that help achieve Industry 4.0 standards.

Abstracting Out Edge Computing Complexities with AWS and the Edge Signal Platform

IoT leverages edge computing and unlocks many use cases, but developers will tell you collecting and processing data at the edge is not without its challenges. Issues of scalability, connectivity, security, reliability, integration, and management are commonplace. This complexity led the Edge Signal development team to create the Edge Signal infrastructure platform. Learn how it helps keep developers focused on their core business and reduces the distractions of infrastructure complexities.


Leveraging Confluent and AWS to Solve IoT Device and Data Management Challenges

Internet of Things (IoT) use cases typically involve an enormous number of connected devices, both currently in existence and anticipated in the future, which will generate an even greater amount of data. The increasing prevalence of microcomputing capabilities in nearly every type of device has led to a fully-connected world. Learn how to use Confluent and AWS to solve device management and data management challenges that may be encountered in IoT use cases.


How Emumba Navigated the Challenges of Handling Streaming IoT Data at Scale

Learn about Emumba’s real-world experience handling streaming data from millions of devices—a prototypical use case for IoT and telemetry data ingestion. This post explores how the scale of ingestion radically alters the design decisions, and the lessons learned shared should help your business to make informed decisions given your unique set of conditions. Emumba is an AWS Partner that puts equal emphasis on product design, user experience, and solid engineering, bringing startup agility to enterprises.


Ingesting Different Sensor Type Data in a Digital Twin with AWS IoT Core

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fast-growing and innovative area that enables AWS customers to support a wide variety of use cases. IoT customers can also stream sensor data into a data lake where insights can be gathered by leveraging AWS machine learning services. Learn how Noser Engineering helped a customer build a general digital twin platform that is capable of adapting to rapid changes in the twined building through the integration of many different sensor types.


Using Digital Twins to Drive Electric Vehicle Battery Insights with MHP and AWS

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical system that is dynamically updated with data to mimic the structure, state, and behavior of the physical system. Explore the results of MHP’s efforts working with AWS to build and deploy a Level 4 digital twin for an electric vehicle, as a means for monitoring and analyzing batteries of EVs utilizing live data, fleet knowledge, and AI. We’ll share a use case of battery health and performance management by learning driver behavior and battery characteristics from the fleet.