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KINEXON and AWS Are Pioneering Player Tracking Technology Tailored for Women’s Sports 

By Dr. Simone Kreyer, Chief of Staff – KINEXON
By Jana Hubel, Sports Sci­ence Con­sul­ting Lead, Women’s Sports – KINEXON
By Frank Mullerat, Partner Solutions Architect – AWS
By Bailey Thompson, Partner Solutions Architect – AWS


Women’s sports have often been overlooked when it comes to enhancing performance through sports data analytics.

Having recognized that most studies in the field of sports medicine and exercise science, which form the basis of sports performance training and technology, are heavily based on men, it’s clear that women deserve the same technological advancements based on their own studies and findings.

This post outlines the collaboration between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and KINEXON and our unique approach to player tracking technology that’s tailored to women.

AWS and KINEXON both stand at the forefront of live sports data analysis, and we’ll share how these two companies teamed up with a common goal in mind—to challenge the status quo in women’s sports.

KINEXON is an AWS Partner and global technology leader that provides performance and analytics solutions for sports teams and leagues, as well as specialized real-time Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for Industry 4.0.


Tailoring Player Tracking Technology for Women

When customizing player tracking technology and analytics for women, the unique physiological and biomechanical differences between men and women—such as the menstrual cycle, hormonal fluctuations, physique and body measurements (like lower center of gravity), and more—have to be taken into consideration.

KINEXON’s expertise in player tracking technology, combined with AWS’s cloud computing prowess, has paved the way for product adaptions and new innovations in this space.


Initial Technological Advancements

One key driver in customizing sports data analytics to women’s needs is to understand and use information about a player’s menstrual cycle and personal well-being. Through a daily questionnaire, it’s now possible to fuse performance data with personal information and therefore calculate individual load recommendations.

Depending on the cycle phase an athlete is in, paired with information about her personal well-being, KINEXON’s application displays a personalized recommended load management plan in a dashboard accessible on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Load management is an important concept in sports, as it helps monitor and regulate the intensity of an athlete’s training or performance. The dashboard, shown in Figure 1 below, provides a user-friendly interface for athletes and coaches to track and manage the recommended load.

This helps prevent injuries while guiding players to reach their peak performance. Due to the menstrual cycle and different physiques, women athletes are up to six times more likely to suffer severe knee injuries like ACL tears. This is one example why it’s time to disregard the natural indifferences between men and women and pay attention to individual needs.


Figure 1 – Demand planner as part of the KINEXON software.

Another aspect that KINEXON and AWS jointly took on was to establish more meaningful thresholds for women’s sports. In sports technology, performance thresholds serve to automatically detect significant physical events and simplify analysis. Since there has been more extensive data collection in men’s sports for years, it’s often easier to adopt thresholds according to national and international standards for men.

Through KINEXON’s years of performance tracking with women’s teams, it was possible to establish deviating thresholds derived solely from historical data generated by women athletes. This is another part of the new standards KINEXON and AWS are setting.

Advancing Equality in Sports Technology

While celebrating these technological advancements, it’s important to acknowledge the broader context of women in sports. Challenges still abound, such as a lack of resources and unequal opportunities for women in sports technology.

To improve conditions for women athletes and teams in sports, AWS and KINEXON have set three major goals:

  • Listen and learn
  • Create and impact
  • Connect and inform

Goal #1 – Listen and Learn

Players and coaches know best where potential is untapped. However, in women’s sports it’s not yet common to use player tracking technology and data analytics for various reasons.

AWS and KINEXON are enabling selected flagship teams—such as former Women’s Champions League team TSG Hoffenheim, the German lighthouse club Viktoria Berlin, the NCAA women’s basketball squad from Florida State University, and the Italian top-tier volleyball team Savino Del Bene Volley Scandicci—to use technology that helps them integrate analysis in their daily routines.

For all KINEXON solutions, there are different sensors that are worn by the players to track data during practices or games. These sensors can be worn either in a women-specific vest or by using a sensor pocket the player can then attach to her personal sports bra, as shown in Figure 2.

IoT Kinexon Play Tracking Chip

Figure 2 – Player attached the KINEXON sensor to record data.

KINEXON’s sports science and tech consultants work closely with teams, engaging in personal interactions and collaboration. Their goals are to implement cutting-edge technology, identify meaningful metrics through thoughtful discussions, and generate comprehensive and individualized reports.

Ultimately, they empower coaches and teams to efficiently use data while providing essential insights based on objective player information. In return, the sports clubs and teams learn about the players’ demands and potential. This approach ensures women athletes and their teams are actively engaged in the development and advancement of sports technology solutions.

Below, Figure 3 shows KINEXON’s GPS solution, including charging cradle and sensors. Players can easily take out the sensors and put them into the pocket before training is starting. All sensors can be turned on and off inside of the cradle. The cradle can also be used to charge the sensors; for example, while traveling.

Kinexon IoT Devices Lab 2

Figure 3 – KINEXON GNSS Sensor.

Goal #2 – Create and Impact

Ideas and insights from flagship teams and global women’s teams are just the beginning. Through our collaboration, AWS and KINEXON closely monitor the requirements of women’s sports teams and check them for feasibility while jointly developing achievable, effective solutions to create measurable impact.

Another innovation makes load management easier, more flexible, and customizable—even cycle-oriented. AWS and KINEXON’s first women-specific load management dashboards are based on an athlete’s menstrual cycle and well-being. Plus, the newly-developed cycle-oriented demand planner can be used by any team in only five simple steps.

These features come with all KINEXON player tracking solutions, which run on AWS and are applicable both in indoor and outdoor environments.

The new cycle-oriented dashboards are capable of:

  • Merging individual responses to symptoms, cycle phase, and the planned load.
  • Allows each coach to customize their dashboards to track the metrics they value most in each training session.
  • Load planning makes it possible to merge cycle data and training control and provide coaches and players with a simple/clear overview.


Figure 4 – Demand planner dashboard – Cycle tracking x load monitoring.

Goal #3 – Connect and Inform

Sharing experience and insights can help any team, which is why we value and foster the sharing of information, current studies, and knowledge openly. AWS and KINEXON actively seek and encourage exchange, always striving to contribute towards improving professionalism in women’s sports. We are committed to building a supportive community where knowledge is shared and progress is made.

Watch KINEXON’s documentary to follow the journey of the selected AWS flagship teams.


The collaboration between AWS and KINEXON isn’t just about technology—it’s about advancing equality in sports. This effort promises to empower women in sports by providing them with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to excel.

As the work continues to evolve, the future of women’s sports looks brighter than ever. If you’d like to learn more about KINEXON’s player tracking solutions and how it can help your sports team, contact KINEXON or request a free demo.


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KINEXON is an AWS Partner and global technology leader that provides performance and analytics solutions for sports teams and leagues, as well as specialized real-time IoT solutions for Industry 4.0.

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