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Automate Container Security on AWS Using Trend Micro Cloud One

When working with containers, image scanning isn’t the only problem—the bigger challenge is the ability to detect and remediate issues that may occur throughout the containers’ lifecycle. In this post, we will discuss security best practices for container workloads running on Amazon EKS and illustrate how a solution from Trend Micro can help you secure containerized workloads running in a Kubernetes environment on the AWS Cloud.

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How an AWS Lambda Function Can Be Integrated with Box Webhooks

There are multiple use cases where applications running on AWS may require a Lambda function to process the file stored in Box storage before it’s sent to the next stage for further processing. This post explains how a Lambda function can be invoked on the upload of a file in a Box folder using a webhook. With the help of a Box webhook and Amazon API Gateway, users can invoke a Lambda function on file upload operation and download the file to Amazon S3.

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How to Use Webhooks to Automate Red Hat OpenShift App Rebuilds from AWS CodeCommit

One of the offerings to help joint AWS and Red Hat customers build for an open hybrid cloud future is Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA), a fully managed OpenShift service, jointly supported by both Red Hat and AWS. In this post, we focus on a single but common use case often observed in the field where a joint enterprise customer has made investments in the AWS Cloud and is now considering expanding and adopting ROSA service as part of the AWS portfolio.

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