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Why Sponsor AWS re:Invent 2016?

Sponsorship at AWS re:Invent 2016 is one of the best opportunities for you to drive business with 24,000++ of the industry’s leading business and technology decision makers.  Each year we work toward breaking the sponsorship status quo by offering our sponsors with impactful benefits at a competitive price.  With an 85% sponsorship retention rate YOY (and growing), you can feel comfortable with our focus in providing you with the best opportunities to produce a strong ROI.

re:Invent 2015 Recap

Nearly 19,000 global attendees joined us for the largest conference dedicated to the AWS Cloud—a near 40% increase YOY. More than 300 partners sponsored at AWS re:Invent 2015, generating an average of  507 leads/sponsor (39% YOY increase).  The AWS re:Invent Central Expo Hall featured numerous engaging and interactive activity opportunities including: A Retro Arcade, an IoT Pavilion, a Partner Theater, and both Developer and Startup Lounges.  The AWS re:Invent conference offered attendees the chance to participate in: 270 breakout sessions and workshops, a dedicated Executive Summit, an APN Global Partner Summit, bootcamp trainings, hands-on labs, Gameday, Hackathon, after hours activities, and more. Sponsors made AWS re:Invent Central the hub of conference activity where leading cloud technology providers and consultants like you helped attendees learn more about the AWS Cloud.

What to Expect as an AWS re:Invent 2016 Sponsor

Event attendance is expected to reach 24,000++ attendees, up 26% YOY, allowing for heightened lead generating opportunities. As a new feature, AWS re:Invent Central (Expo Hall) will be broken into villages with each housing an IoT connected café, engaging and interactive activity pavilions, as well as refreshments and evening receptions.

As an AWS re:Invent sponsor you will be able to benefit from the following opportunities:

  • Traffic and Lead Generating Opportunities – Interact with IT decision makers and Executives to grow your sales pipeline and drive incremental results
  • Heightened Brand Awareness – Each sponsorship package includes both on-site and digital sponsor recognition to help you expand your brand’s reach
  • Business Development and Training Opportunities – AWS re:Invent is a great opportunity for your employees to receive advanced technical training and AWS Certifications

Another benefit of AWS re:Invent sponsorship is the chance to utilize our Marketing Promotion Opportunities (MPOs) to enhance your sponsorship investment. This year we have added different options starting at $7,000 to help increase both awareness and lead generation. These opportunities include:

  • Partner Theater Sessions – Highlight your product(s) and solution(s) to a captive audience
  • Pub Crawl Sponsorship – Generate new business opportunities while entertaining your customers with this turnkey opportunity
  • Private Meeting Rooms – Conveniently located in the Expo Hall and will be Amazon Echo Connected

Learn More

To learn more about the different sponsorship opportunities at re:Invent, click here.

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