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Let’s Architect! Architecting for Blockchain

You’ve likely read about or heard someone talk about blockchain. This distributed and decentralized ledger collects immutable blocks of information and helps secure your data without going through third party. It is commonly used to maintain secure and decentralized records for registries, consensus, cryptocurrencies, and the latest trend: non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This collection of content […]

Reference architecture for an IoT-enabled supply chain consisting of a retailer and a manufacturer

Audit Your Supply Chain with Amazon Managed Blockchain

For manufacturing companies, visibility into complex supply chain processes is critical to establishing resilient supply chain management. Being able to trace events within a supply chain is key to verifying the origins of parts for regulatory requirements, tracing parts back to suppliers if issues arise, and for contacting buyers if there is a product/part recall. […]

Architecture Monthly Magazine: Architecting for Financial Services

This month’s Architecture Monthly magazine delves into the high-stakes world of banking, insurance, and securities. From capital markets and insurance, to global investment banks, payments, and emerging fintech startups, AWS helps customers innovate, modernize, and transform. We’re featuring two field experts in October’s issue. First, we interviewed Ed Pozarycki, a Solutions Architect manager in the […]