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Cloud Economics Sessions at AWS re:Invent 2019

AWS Cloud Economics Sessions


AWS helps customers drive business value and optimize cloud spend. Yet, understanding these drivers and how to maximize the benefits of AWS requires education and practices. AWS Cloud Economics helps customers build business cases beyond pure cost savings and helps customers on the platform optimize financial practices & costs.

AWS Cloud Economics team works closely with our Solutions Architects, TSO Logic, and Cost Management tools teams and will be presenting the following breakout, chalk talks, builder’s and workshop sessions at this year’s re:Invent. For business case, you will learn about the AWS Cloud Value Framework and how to build a comprehensive business case using either a bottom-up approach or a top-down approach based on benchmarking for rapid-development of a business case. For optimization on AWS, we will offer AWS Cloud Financial Management Methodology on monitoring, optimizing, and forecasting your cloud spend. Real-time customer use cases and partner solutions will be featured in these sessions.



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Start reserving seats in these sessions today.

Log into your re:Invent portal using your re:Invent registration credentials. Once you log in, under the event catalog, you can look up for sessions with their session ID. Hover over “Scheduling Options”, if there is a blue plus sign, click it to reserve a seat.

You will get a pop-up note confirming your reservation. If you change your mind and want to unreserved your seat, hover over the blue minus sign and click “unreserved seat”. If all the reserve seats in that session are taken, you can click on the “yellow” plus sign and this session will be added as a walk-up.

Please note that 25% of seats in every room will be held for walk-ups. Reserved seats will be cancelled 10 minutes before the start of every session. These seats are open to the walk-up line.


Visit the AWS Cost Management Kiosk at the Expo

Be sure to stop by the AWS Cost Management Kiosk at the Expo to learn more about the fundamental tenets of cost management & optimization, and how they can be applied in your organization.

The Expo at the Venetian will also host the AWS Village, Developer Lounge, sponsor booths, a content theater, a partner theater, Builders Fair, the Health and Wellness Lounge, the Jam Lounge, the We Power Tech Lounge and Startup Central. Come by and explore all that the Expo has to offer!


By Bowen Wang, AWS Cloud Economics

Bowen Wang

Bowen Wang

Bowen is a Principal Product Marketing Manager for AWS Billing and Cost Management services. She focuses on enabling finance and business leaders to better understand the value of the cloud and ways to optimize their cloud financial management. In her previous career, she helped a tech start up enter the Chinese market.