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Amazon CloudFront & Route 53 – New Edge Location: Brazil

We’ve just added an edge location in Brazil (number 20 to be precise) to Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Route 53. This is our first edge location in South America.

The new location will speed up references to static and streamed content that are made from locations in South America, and will also accelerate the resolution of DNS queries that originate from within the area.

The CloudFront location in Brazil supports the entire array of CloudFront features including streaming media (both on demand and live), invalidation, custom origins, Identity & Access Management, request logging, and private content.

Our customers have put CloudFront to use in a variety of ways. Check out our case studies from the likes of IMDB, PBS, Playfish, Second Life, and Virgin Atlantic to learn more. It is very easy to get started with CloudFront. Once you have done so, your content will be available more quickly, your application will be more responsive, and your users will be happier!

 Now Hiring
The CloudFront team continues to grow and we have a number of open positions including Account Manager (Herndon, Virginia), Business Development Manager (Luxembourg),  Enterprise Sales Representative (New York), Enterprise Sales Representative (Seattle), Software Development Engineer (Seattle), Senior Systems Engineer (Seattle), Senior Software Development Manager (Seattle), and more.

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Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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