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Amazon EC2 High Storage (HS1) Instances Now Available in Sydney and Singapore

The EC2 instances on the Amazon EC2 Instance Types menu are designed to run a wide variety of workloads.

You can now launch hs1.8xlarge instances in the Asia Pacific (Sydney) and Asia Pacific (Singapore) Regions using the On-Demand or Reserved Instance pricing models. You can now run your Amazon Redshift clusters, storage-intensive Hadoop jobs, and cluster file systems in all three of the AWS Regions in Asia Pacific.

These instances are optimized for very high storage density, low storage cost, and high sequential I/O performance (up to 2.4 Gigabytes per second to be precise). You get access to 48 TB of local storage capacity across 24 hard drives, high network performance, 117 GiB of RAM, and a fast Intel E5-2650 CPU with 16 Virtual CPUs (vCPUs).

As a quick reminder, the EC2 instance collection includes the general purpose family of instances (M1 and M3), the compute-optimized (C1 and CC2), memory-optimized (M2 and CR1), storage optimized (HI1 and HS1), micro (T1), and GPU (CG1) instances. These instances give you a wide variety of storage options, EBS-optimized instances with dedicated throughput to EBS, a cluster networking option for high-bandwidth, low-latency networking between instances in a placement group, and Dedicated Instances that run on single-tenant hardware.

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