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Author: Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Happy 5th Birthday to Amazon EC2

I woke up today and realized that today is the 5th anniversary of launch of Amazon EC2. I published the initial announcement in the summer of 2006 while on vacation with my family. We (the AWS Marketing Team) have put together an interactive infographic to highlight some of the more significant changes and improvements that […]

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Amazon ElastiCache – Distributed In-Memory Caching

Today we are introducing Amazon ElastiCache so that you can easily add caching logic to your application. You can now create Cache Clusters, each comprised of one or more Cache Nodes, in a matter of minutes. Each Cache Cluster is a distributed, in-memory cache that can be accessed using the popular Memcached protocol. What’s Caching? […]

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Run Amazon Elastic MapReduce on EC2 Spot Instances

Update (2018) – This post is no longer accurate. Please take a look at the Cluster Configuration Guidelines for more recent information. We’ve combined two popular Amazon EC2 features Spot Instances and Elastic MapReduce to allow you to launch managed Hadoop clusters using unused EC2 capacity. You will be able to run long-running jobs, cost-driven […]

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Run Oracle Applications on Amazon EC2 Now

Every since we announced the availability of the first set of Oracle applications on Amazon EC2, we’ve been working to add additional instance types, locations, and applications. We’ve made some really good progress; you can now run a wide variety of applications on all 32 and 64-bit instance types in all five AWS Regions, all […]

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New – AWS GovCloud (US) Region – ITAR Compliant

A New RegionOur new AWS GovCloud (US) Region was designed to meet the unique regulatory requirements of the United States Government. The US federal government, state and local governments, and the contractors who support their mission now have access to secure, flexible, and cost-effective AWS services running in an environment that complies with US Government […]

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AWS Toolkit for Eclipse – Version 2.0

We have added a number of handy and useful features to the popular AWS Toolkit for Eclipse. The toolkit includes the AWS SDK for Java; you can use it to develop AWS applications for deployment directly on Amazon EC2 or via AWS Elastic Beanstalk. The new features include a new AWS Explorer, support for multiple […]

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AWS Summer Startups: M-Dot

Over the summer months, we’d like to share a few stories from startups around the world: what are they working on and how they are using the cloud to get things done. Today, we’re profiling the last year’s winner of the AWS Start-up Challenge – M-Dot Network from Erie, PA! (M-Dot team, victorious at the […]

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New AWS Enterprise Features: VPC Everywhere, Direct Connect, Identity Federation

I often see blog posts that start by saying “with the announcement of ____, it is clear that AWS is now targeting the enterprise.” These posts mention recent developments such as Reserved Instances, Dedicated Instances, VM Import, support for Oracle Database 11g, and the improvements to the EC2 networking model. Today we are adding three […]

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