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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Are You a Leader?

Leadership comes in many forms, but when it comes to user groups leadership usually describes a sparkplug who is passionate about technology, and who likes to organize groups. Of course I’m talking about our recent AWS Newsletter article that called for folks who want to start a local AWS User Group. Amazon Web Services have […]

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Ever since the first Amazon Web Service was released in mid-2002, we have encouraged developers to use them to create new types of businesses. This encouragement has taken many forms over the years. Let’s revisit some of the more interesting moments in the last 5 years of AWS history… Our customer agreements have always been […]

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Start filling up your Shopping Cart with AMIs

Amazon EC2 allowed developers to create and bundle their software into Amazon Machine Images – Pre-packaged Pre-configured Filesystem. Developers were then able to share their AMIs with friends and family (no kidding) and even with the general public. Now with our brand new “Paid AMI support“, they can set their own price and earn perpetual […]

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More Trips Coming Up…

Mike, Jinesh, and I have been maintaining a pretty hectic travel schedule, flying here, there, and everywhere to talk about the Amazon Web Services. We are already putting together our schedule for the fall of 2007 and the spring of 2008 and our calendar is filling up fast. If you run a user group and […]

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New Amazon ECS Release

We’re excited to announce Amazon ECS version 2007-07-16. There are several changes from previous versions, outlined below: This release introduces two new response groups: VariationMatrix and VariationOffers The VariationOffers response group enables you to retrieve the offers for the children of a parent ASIN. VariationOffers is a child response group of the Variations response group. […]

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Attention Venture Capitalists

A couple of us in the office were chatting about VC portfolios. As we talked, we realized that several firms have asked us to speak to their portfolio companies–sometimes as a group, and sometimes one at a time. So we’re extending the offer to all of you. If you want your member companies to learn […]

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See you in the UK?

I am just about set for my next UK trip, but there are still a few open issues: I have an appointment labeled “Lunch at Wagamana” on the 19th, but no other details. Please add details to the Wiki page or send a note to evangelists at . I have some open time in […]

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Amazon EC2 Helps Justin.TV Take on E3

Yesterday morning we received an email from the folks behind Justin.TV. They were preparing for a big splash at the E3 show and wanted to make sure that we were in a position to handle the increased load. We assured them that we were. Justin and his posse visited E3 and did a live broadcast […]

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Additional EC2 Beta Spots Now Open

As of this morning, we have cleared the Amazon EC2 waiting list! Everyone on the list with a valid payment method in their account and acccess to Amazon S3 has been enabled for EC2. We are continuing to add capacity and can now accomodate some additional beta signups. Simply create your AWS account, sign up […]

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