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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

A New ISV Business Model

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud continues to impress the people who matter most: software developers (in this instance, an ISV). Genexus is an innovative software platform that enables non-technical business people to rapidly build out applications–including an online presence. Andres Aguiar, their chief architect, sent me a note yesterday to say “We have GXPortal running in […]

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Watch The Buzz!

Just a quick reminder that we are now collecting and taggging articles related to AWS on using the user name awsbuzz. If you visit on a regular basis (or, even better, pick up the RSS feed) you will be fed with a constant stream of information about what’s going on with AWS. Can’t […]

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Avoiding a Success Disaster

For a while I have been using the term “success disaster” to characterize what can happen on the web all too easily. What’s a success disaster? You put up a piece of content somewhere and you get ready to handle a reasonable number of downloads. Being the creative person that you are, however, links to […]

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Size Does NOT Matter!

Size does not matter anymore! zSlide, privately held company in France, just released a new “express” feature in its service. is simple P2P-based email service that enables anyone to send and receive e-mails with attachments up to 2GB. 2GB!! did you read that?!. Wow! Last I knew, Internet world changed when email giants […]

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And This Too…

Jon Boutelle, CTO of (previously featured here) sent me some cool comments that just happen to reinforce the Web-Scale message I’ve been talking about recently. Here’s what he had to say (links are mine): The dedicated hardware we were initially considering would have cost $1000 to startup, and $800/month in ongoing costs. Most importantly, […]

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This is Web-Scale…

There’s a really interesting post over on the Texas Startup Blog. Here are some tidbits: “The Amazon web services products (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud – EC2 and Amazon S3) are built for the little guy AND the big guy.” Yes, absolutely. And let’s not forget the little guys who want to become big guys — […]

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Flowser – Graphical Amazon Browser

Important Update: There seems to be some confusion about the creator of Flowser – I’ve seen a couple of blog posts which claimed that Amazon created it. In fact, a creative member of our developer community created it and he deserves all of the credit!   This past weekend I snuck a peak at the […]

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Evangelists Gone Wild – Speaking Engagements for November, 2006

Isabel Wang’s cool post reminded me that I need to update the speaking engagements calendar. This is what we have planned so far: November 1st – San Jose, California – Zend/PHP Conference and Expo November 2nd-3rd – Mountain View, California – Startup Camp November 7th – San Francisco, California – Web 2.0 November 7th – […]

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