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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

CohesiveFT’s Elastic Server

As part of my most recent trip to London I paid a visit to a suite of offices shared by LShift and CohesiveFT. I gave them an in-depth AWS presentation and we also discussed Cohesive’s Elastic Server product. Elastic Server simplifies the process of creating application stacks for use on EC2 and other virtual environments. […]

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Amazon EC2 Gets More Muscle

The Amazon EC2 team just added Large and Extra Large instance types to EC2. The former “one size fits all” instance type is now known as a Small instance. Large instances are 4 times larger in each dimension (CPU power, RAM, and disk storage) than the Small instances and cost $0.40 per hour. Extra Large […]

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Amazon S3 At Your Service

Virtually everyone on the Amazon Web Services team has occasion to interact with our developer customers from time to time. This rich source of product feedback gives us a lot of insight into ways that we can do an even better job of meeting their needs as we grow and enhance each of our web […]

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Two new locations for The Start-Up Project: San Diego and Los Angeles

Start-Up Project is an AWS-Exclusive Event for Start-Ups. It started with Seattle, then San Francisco, Silicon Valley, New York City, Boston. Now its has two new locations: Los Angeles and San Diego. This is probably your last chance this year to attend and interact with AWS Business Development Managers, Directors and Developers from Amazon Web […]

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Rememble – Create Digital Memories

One of the benefits of my team’s self-serve scheduling system is that we get to meet face to face with many developers. While I was in London this past July I met with Gavin O’Carroll of . Supported in part by the UK’s National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA), Rememble is […]

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Start-Up Project Customer Presentations Rock!

For those who were eagerly waiting for the Start-Up Project Presentations, Here you go! The Start-Up Project was an AWS-exclusive event that took place in Boston, New York City, San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The next locations are Los Angeles and San Diego. These presentations have a ton of “Lessons Learned” embedded within. Each presentation […]

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\HelloWorld\ Facebook Application AMI

I was quite curious to see how facebook applications can be built which use Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2 so I spent some time creating a “HelloWorld” facebook application that lists your Amazon S3 objects given the bucket name (basically integrate Amazon S3 libraries with Facebook libraries). I bundled up my code/configuration and created a […]

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The Best time to be a developer is Right now!

Last week I spent my time evangelizing in Texas (Austin, Fort Worth, North Dallas, Richardson and Bryan) – Met tons of cool developers, hackers and enthusiasts. I met the most extravagant variety of people in this one trip and as I write this blog post, I tell myself “The best time to be a developer […]

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Update on the Search for Steve Fossett (Update 3)

Update 3 We know many of you are anxious to learn what happened to your search submissions. Full details on areas screened and passed on to the Steve Fossett Search and Rescue team. Important Update2! Thanks for the great feedback. We found this great tool for submitting your coordinates manually – Users are encouraged […]

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Announcing the Amazon Web Services Start-up Challenge

This is an exciting announcement. Did I say EXCITING!!!? Amazon Web Services is launching–right now–the Amazon Web Services Start-Up Challenge, a contest for entrepreneurs and software developers that will award the winner a first-place prize of $50,000 in cash, $50,000 in Amazon Web Services (AWS) credits, mentoring sessions from an AWS technical expert, and an […]

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