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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Make Money Fast – Introducing Amazon DevPay

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you may recall my Ka-Ching post this past summer. In the course of announcing the Amazon Flexible Payments Service, I also tried to make clear the fact that we are doing our best to enable and encourage developers to build profitable businesses around our line […]

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A Place for Everything – Amazon SimpleDB

We are now accepting applications for the limited public beta of Amazon SimpleDB! Amazon SimpleDB makes it really easy and straightforward to store and to retrieve structured data. You no longer need to worry about creating, maintaining, or migrating database schemas, monitoring and tuning the performance of your queries, outgrowing the storage or processing capacity […]

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Help Wanted

The Amazon Web Services Developer Relations Group is hiring for some exciting positions in Seattle and Luxembourg. We’ve got the following openings right now: Developer Support Engineer (Seattle) – Youll represent AWS to our customers as you handle direct inquiries, diagnose and troubleshoot technical challenges, and communicate to the customer within given time frames.  Youll […]

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Introducing the \Pay Now\ Widget

The new “Pay Now” widget builds on top of the base-level payment functionality offered by the Amazon Flexible Payments Service (FPS) to make things very easy for web developers who would like to accept Amazon Payments on their site. Customers can pay by clicking on a Pay Now button or by selecting Amazon Payments as […]

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And The Winner Is…

We capped off the AWS Start-Up Challenge with an award dinner at the W Hotel in Seattle and a good time was had by all. Following a day-long session with the finalists at Amazon Headquarters, we adjourned to the W Hotel for the next phase. The 13 representatives from the 7 finalists participated in a […]

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AWS Start-Up Challenge Videos and Voting

Ok race fans, now it is your turn to participate in the next phase of the AWS Start-Up Challenge! We’ve interviewed each of the finalists, created a video, and put them up here. You can see them at work and hear them talk about their products in their own words. I think that you will […]

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Speaking in Second Life on Dr. Dobb’s Island

I will be giving an AWS talk in Second Life on Friday, November 30 at Noon PST. The talk will take place at the amphitheater on Dr Dobbs Island. This will be a genuine “talk,” with streamed audio, so make sure that your speakers are working! I am planning to talk about web-scale computing, the […]

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Amazon S3 POST Support

The Amazon S3 team is looking for feedback on their proposal to support browser-based file uploads. This feature will allow developers to build web-based applications which support upload of local files to Amazon S3 without the need for an intermediate server. If you are interested in helping to shape the definition this feature, you should […]

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New Version of Bungee Connect, with Amazon FPS Support

My friends over at Bungee Labs have just rolled out a new version of their web-based Bungee Connect development tool. New features include better ways to manipulate field, class, and function definitions, a statement completion control, and support for the Subversion revision control system. Bungee Connect is currently in “early access” beta mode. You can […]

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