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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Wowza Media Server Pro On Amazon EC2

The unpredictable nature of the demand for rich media files, coupled with the amount of bandwidth needed to deal with a video that suddenly “goes viral” combine to create the circumstances for an event that I sometimes refer to as a “success disaster.” This happens when you create something cool and hope that it will […]

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VholdR – Wearable Camcorder and Community Site

Yesterday afternoon I left the confines of the Amazon headquarters building and paid a visit to the Seattle-area offices of Twenty20 Cameras in order to learn more about their new VholdR product. I learned that they’ve got a really cool piece of hardware which is tightly coupled to an Amazon-powered online service and I can’t […]

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AWS For Facebook Applications

Developers  have used the Amazon Web Services to create highly scalable applications for Facebook including  Haikoo Zoo, Booze Mail, iLike, We’re Related, and SocialMoth Secrets. AWS is an ideal hosting environment for these applications. Developers can start small, test and prove out their ideas, and then rapidly add processing and storage resources as they develop […]

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Increasing Amazon S3 Data Transfer Performance

The Amazon S3 team is now beta-testing support for an important low-level networking feature which has the potential to significantly increase the performance of large data transfers to and from S3, particularly (but not limited to) for long distance data transfers. In particular, there is a new beta endpoint which supports the RFC 1323 model […]

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New Zealand and Australia

Are you a developer in Australia or New Zealand? In February I’ll be visiting New Zealand and Australia on the first-ever Amazon Web Services evangelism tour. I’m really excited about the trip–especially because I lived in New Zealand briefly many years ago, and have not had the opportunity to visit since. So far there is […]

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