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[post by Simone Brunozzi, AWS Technology Evangelist in Europe, email: simoneb at amazon dot com]

Greetings everyone, I want to update you on some cool news regarding events and trips in Europe in the next few weeks:

– Monday, February 2nd and 3rd, London, UK
I keynote the Powered by Cloud conference, speaking at 4pm on Feb 2nd with a talk titled “Technologies and Cloud Computing”. If you want to attend, you need to register.

– Wednesday, February 4th, London, UK
Imperial College, Lecture Theatre 311, 3pm: I will give a lecture titled “Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services”, and the seminar will be followed by refreshments. I love refreshments :)

– Wednesday, February 4th, London, UK
Thanks to the event host and organizer SkillsMatter, I will talk at the first 2009 AWS Meetup in London. It is scheduled at 6:30pm, and this is the address.
CohesiveFT co-founder Alexis Richardson will co-present with me. CohesiveFT offers automated software assembly and a complement to virtualization and cloud computing solutions.
We will each speak for 20-25 minutes, and followed by Q & A. The meeting will then adjourn to the Crown Clerkenwall Green and Alexis will buy the first couple of rounds!
Once again, registration is a must.

– Friday, February 6th (and 7th, and 8th), London, UK
I will be a mentor at the Launch48 event (48 hours to launch a web app), sponsored by Amazon Web Services. This is a great chance to meet people and get your hands dirty with some interesting web projects.
To participate, remember to register.

– Wednesday, February 11th, London, UK
I will speak at the Digital Lives conference.

– Friday, February 20th, I’ll be back in in London, UK to speak at the London Business School Technology Summit, held on the London Business School campus at Regents Park, near Baker St.

– Wednesday, February 24th, Tokyo, Japan
I will travel halfway around the world to attend the “Cloud Computing Forum” conference in Tokyo, Japan, at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel, conducted by Nikkei BP.

– Saturday, February 28th, Leuven, Belgium
I will present AWS at the 2009 Belgian Perl Workshop in Leuven, near Brussels.

– Monday, March 2nd, Tel Aviv, Israel
I will talk at the ISOC Conference. If you’re around, please come by and say hello, I’d love to meet.

– Tuesday, March 3rd to 7th, CEBIT, Hannover, Germany
I will be at CeBIT Hannover until March 7th.

– Friday, March 6th, Hannover, Germany
Be sure and attend a keynote at 11:30am by Dr. Werner Vogels, VP and CTO of at CeBIT Global Conferences, Convention Center (CC), Room 2.

As you can see, there is a lot going on in the next few weeks.

Do you want to host an AWS event?
Sometimes I receive inquiries from people that are interested in inviting me to come and speak at some event or meeting; feel free to email me, adding details on:
– who are the organizers;
– type of event you are organizing;
– size and type of the expected audience;
– proposed date and venue.

Ideal audiences are developer groups, web experts, CIOs and CTOs, or technical user groups.

Do you want to meet the AWS Business Director?
Martin Buhr, the Business Director for AWS in Europe, doesn’t travel as much as I do, but he’s around quite a bit and he is interested in meeting you.
You can reach Martin on Twitter or on Linkedin.

Thanks a lot for your attention, and hope to see you soon :)

[post by Simone Brunozzi, AWS Technology Evangelist in Europe, email: simoneb at amazon dot com]

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Jeff Barr

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