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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

.Net Code Sample: Sign an AWS Request

The good folks over at the .Net Adventures blog have posted some .Net sample code to illustrate the process of signing an AWS request. This code should make it just a little bit easier for .Net developers to create the next great Mechanical Turk or Historical Pricing application. Update: There’s also an Active X control […]

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Cover Art Application

J. Shamsul Bahri at is playing with ECS and has created the Jiboneus Cover Art application. Enter the name of an artist, and the application will display the cover art from each of the artist’s album.

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Walking Through the Casting Words Store

As a followup to yesterday’s transcription post, I thought that it would be helpful to walk through the entire process of submitting a podcast to Casting Words and getting the results back. If you want to try this service yourself, you’ll need two things the URL to an RSS feed which contains one or more […]

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Transcript of Jeff Barr’s Web 2.0 Interview

I used the Podcast Transcription Store at to create the following transcript of the interview that I did earlier this year with Josh and Chris at the Web 2.0 Show. I spent about 10 minutes adding some links, and I fixed 2 typos in proper names. I will post more about the transcription service […]

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Are you a Minipreneur?

According to, a minipreneur is a consumer-turned-entrepreneur, taking advantage of resources that were, just a short time ago, available only to large multinational organizations, including cheap hardware and software, access to global design, production, and manufacturing skills, payment systems, online marketplaces, and more. The Amazon Web Services are one important element of this mix. […]

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Mechanical Turk Controller Class in C#

Over at, Andrew has released a nice C# class which provides a clean and simple way to access the Mechanical Turk. Andrew’s code implements a TurkController class with clean, simple methods like GetQualificationRequests(), GetQualificationTypes(), ApproveQualification(), GetAccountBalance(), CreateQualification(), CreateHIT(), GetReviewableHITs(), DisposeHIT(), and so forth. It uses the SOAP version of the APIs and handles the […]

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