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Author: Steve Roberts

Steve Roberts is a Senior Developer Advocate, focused on .NET and PowerShell development on AWS. Based in Seattle, Washington, Steve worked as a Senior Development Engineer on the AWS SDKs and tools for .NET and PowerShell developers. He was the development lead for the AWS Tools for PowerShell and the AWS Tools for Azure DevOps, and also worked on the AWS Toolkits for Visual Studio, and Visual Studio Code, plus the AWS SDK for .NET. Follow him on Twitter @bellevuesteve.

AWS Week in Review - March 13, 2023

AWS Week in Review – March 13, 2023

It seems like only yesterday I was last writing the Week in Review post, at the end of January, and now here we are almost mid-way through March, almost into spring in the northern hemisphere, and close to a quarter way through 2023. Where does time fly?! Last Week’s LaunchesHere’s some of the launches and […]

Week in Review January 30, 2023

AWS Week in Review – January 30, 2023

This week’s review post comes to you from the road, having just wrapped up sponsorship of NDC London. While there we got to speak to many .NET developers, both new and experienced with AWS, and all eager to learn more. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our expo booth to chat or ask questions to […]

Amazon CodeCatalyst

Announcing Amazon CodeCatalyst, a Unified Software Development Service (Preview)

Today, we announced the preview release of Amazon CodeCatalyst. A unified software development and delivery service, Amazon CodeCatalyst enables software development teams to quickly and easily plan, develop, collaborate on, build, and deliver applications on AWS, reducing friction throughout the development lifecycle. In my time as a developer the biggest excitement—besides shipping software to users—was […]

Announcing Additional Data Connectors for Amazon AppFlow

Gathering insights from data is a more effective process if that data isn’t fragmented across multiple systems and data stores, whether on premises or in the cloud. Amazon AppFlow provides bidirectional data integration between on-premises systems and applications, SaaS applications, and AWS services. It helps customers break down data silos using a low- or no-code, […]

Classifying and Extracting Mortgage Loan Data with Amazon Textract

Mortgage loan applications, at least in the United States, comprise around 500 or more pages of diverse documents. In order for applications to be reviewed, all these documents need to be classified, and the data on each form extracted. This isn’t as easy as it might sound! Besides different data structures in each document, the […]

Automated in-AWS Failback for AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery

I first covered AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (DRS) in a 2021 blog post. In that post, I described how DRS “enables customers to use AWS as an elastic recovery site for their on-premises applications without needing to invest in on-premises DR infrastructure that lies idle until needed. Once enabled, DRS maintains a constant replication posture […]

AWS Week in Review – November 14, 2022

It’s now just two weeks to AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, and the pace is picking up, both here on the News Blog, and throughout AWS as everyone get ready for the big event! I hope you get the chance to join us, and have shared links and other information at the bottom of this […]

AWS Batch for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service

Today I’m pleased to announce AWS Batch for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). AWS Batch for Amazon EKS is ideal for customers who no longer want to shoulder the burden of configuring, fine-tuning, and managing Kubernetes clusters and pods to use with their batch processing workflows. Furthermore, there is no charge for this service. You […]