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AWS Elastic Beanstalk Now Available in Europe

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Today we are expanding the availability of AWS Elastic Beanstalk to the EU (Ireland) region. This comes hot on the heels of our recent announcement of .NET support and our launch in Japan, and gives you the ability to choose any one of three regions for deployment (see the AWS Global Infrastructure map for more information).

With Elastic Beanstalk, you retain full control over the resources running your application and you can easily manage and adjust settings to meet your needs. Because Elastic Beanstalk leverages services like Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3, you can run your application on the same highly durable and highly available infrastructure.

Elastic Beanstalk automatically scales your application up and down based on default Auto Scaling settings. You can easily adjust Auto Scaling settings based on your specific application’s needs.

You have your choice of three separate development languages and tools when you use Elastic Beanstalk:

To get started with Elastic Beanstalk, visit the AWS Elastic Beanstalk Developer Guide.

I should mention that we are looking for highly motivated software developers and product managers who want to work on leading edge, highly scaled services such as AWS CloudFormation and AWS Elastic Beanstalk. If you are interested, send us your resume to aws-cloudformation-jobs at or aws-elasticbeanstalk-jobs at Come and help us make history!

— Jeff;

PS – I recently interviewed Saad Ladki of the Elastic Beanstalk team on The AWS Report. You can watch the video to learn more about Elastic Beanstalk and how our customers are putting it to use.

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