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AWS Management Console – Now with Amazon CloudWatch Support

The AWS Management Console now has complete support for Amazon CloudWatch. You can enable CloudWatch for any or all of your EC2 instances using the console and data will be available in a moment or two. You can select one or more running EC2 instances to see the CloudWatch data in graphical form. You can observe CPU utilization, disk reads, disk writes, and network traffic (both in and out). If you select more than one EC2 instance, the console will automatically display aggregated values.You can also get a larger and more detailed view of the data.

Here are some pictures of the console in action:

Among other uses, you can use the new CloudWatch support to monitor and tune your Auto Scaling rules.

The new release of the AWS Management Console also centralizes a number of actions on EC2 instances in a new Instance Actions menu:

It is flexible, colorful, and informative and you can start to use it now!

— Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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