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AWS Webinars – October and November 2016

Are you keeping up with the latest developments in AWS-land? Do you have a good understanding of Amazon Redshift, Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), and Amazon Cognito? Do you know what IoT is all about, and do you have firm grasp of the best security practices for your cloud workloads? Do you understand the EC2 Spot Market, and do you know how to use it to your advantage?

In pursuit of our focus on training and education, I am pleased to share the webinars that we have on tap for October and November. These are free, but they do fill up and I suggest that you register ahead of time. All times are PT and each webinar runs for one hour:

October 25

October 26

October 27

November 2

November 8

November 9

November 10


PS – Don’t forget our upcoming re:Invent 2016 Preparation Webinars!

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.