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AWS Week in Review – October 3, 2016

Twenty external and internal contributors worked together to create this edition of the AWS Week in Review. If you would like to join the party (with the possibility of a free lunch at re:Invent), please visit the AWS Week in Review on GitHub.


October 3


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October 8

  • Nothing happened!

October 9

New AWS Marketplace Products

New & Notable Open Source

  • elastic-ci-stack-for-aws is a simple, flexible, auto-scaling cluster of build agents running in your own VPC.
  • aws-lambda-ebs-backups contains Python scripts to be run using AWS’s Lambda service to Backup and Delete Snapshots of EBS Volumes.
  • load-dyno-table is a DynamoDB table loader.
  • letsencrypt-iam-lambda is an AWS Lambda function to take a received S3 event, and update a related certificate in AWS IAM.
  • sundial is a job system for Amazon EC2 Container Service that manages dependencies and scheduling.
  • jrestless is a frakework to help you build JAX-RS applications with serverless architectures using AWS Lambda.
  • AWSLambda_CloudFrontMetaData is a Lambda Function to extract meta data (IP version, HTTP version, and Edge location) from customer visits to CloudFront.
  • hologram implements easy, painless AWS credentials on developer laptops.
  • og-aws is a practical guide to AWS.
  • aws-secrets helps to manage secrets on EC2 instances with KMS encryption, IAM roles, and S3 storage.

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Jeff Barr

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