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New — Amazon Athena for Apache Spark

When Jeff Barr first announced Amazon Athena in 2016, it changed my perspective on interacting with data. With Amazon Athena, I can interact with my data in just a few steps—starting from creating a table in Athena, loading data using connectors, and querying using the ANSI SQL standard. Over time, various industries, such as financial […]

New – Announcing Automated Data Preparation for Amazon QuickSight Q

In this post that was published in September 2021, Jeff Barr announced general availability of Amazon QuickSight Q. To recap, Amazon QuickSight Q is a natural language query capability that lets business users ask simple questions of their data. QuickSight Q is powered by machine learning (ML), providing self-service analytics by allowing you to query […]

Architecture diagram.

New for Amazon Redshift – General Availability of Streaming Ingestion for Kinesis Data Streams and Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka

Ten years ago, just a few months after I joined AWS, Amazon Redshift was launched. Over the years, many features have been added to improve performance and make it easier to use. Amazon Redshift now allows you to analyze structured and semi-structured data across data warehouses, operational databases, and data lakes. More recently, Amazon Redshift […]

Preview: Amazon Security Lake – A Purpose-Built Customer-Owned Data Lake Service

To identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities, customers should enable logging across their various resources and centralize these logs for easy access and use within analytics tools. Some of these data sources include logs from on-premises infrastructure, firewalls, and endpoint security solutions, and when utilizing the cloud, services such as Amazon Route 53, AWS CloudTrail, […]

New – Amazon Redshift Integration with Apache Spark

Apache Spark is an open-source, distributed processing system commonly used for big data workloads. Spark application developers working in Amazon EMR, Amazon SageMaker, and AWS Glue often use third-party Apache Spark connectors that allow them to read and write the data with Amazon Redshift. These third-party connectors are not regularly maintained, supported, or tested with […]

Preview: Amazon OpenSearch Serverless – Run Search and Analytics Workloads without Managing Clusters

Most AWS analytics services have compelling serverless offerings that make it even easier for customers to analyze vast amounts of data without having to configure, scale, or manage the underlying infrastructure. Along with other serverless analytics, such as Amazon QuickSight for business intelligence and AWS Glue for data integration, we have introduced Amazon EMR Serverless, […]

New — Create and Share Operational Reports at Scale with Amazon QuickSight Paginated Reports

There are various ways to report on data insights, and paginated reports is one of them. Paginated reports are essential documents that contain critical business information for end-users. For decades, paginated reports have been the standard business reporting format. The following are examples of paginated reports. On the left shows the report for income statement […]

Amazon Quicksight asset as code

New Amazon QuickSight API Capabilities to Accelerate Your BI Transformation

Regular readers of this blog, and AWS customers alike, know the benefits of infrastructure as code (IaC). It allows you to describe your infrastructure using a programming language to consistently deploy your infrastructure to multiple environments or AWS Regions. Other benefits are the possibility to version-control your infrastructure using the same development tools and workflow […]