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AWS Config Update – New Managed Rules to Secure S3 Buckets

AWS Config captures the state of your AWS resources and the relationships between them. Among other features, it allows you to select a resource and then view a timeline of configuration changes that affect the resource (read Track AWS Resource Relationships With AWS Config to learn more). AWS Config rules extends Config with a powerful […]

AWS Config Rules – Dynamic Compliance Checking for Cloud Resources

The flexible, dynamic nature of the AWS cloud gives developers and admins the flexibility to launch, configure, use, and terminate processing, storage, networking, and other resources as needed. In any fast-paced agile environment, security guidelines and policies can be overlooked in the race to get a new product to market before the competition. Imagine that […]

Track AWS Resource Configurations With AWS Config

One of the coolest aspects of the Cloud is its dynamic nature. Resources can be created, attached, configured, used, detached, and destroyed in a matter of minutes. Some of these changes are triggered by a direct human action; others have their origins in AWS CloudFormation templates or take place in response to Auto Scaling triggers. […]