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New – Amazon EC2 M7a General Purpose Instances Powered by 4th Gen AMD EPYC Processors

In November 2021, we launched Amazon EC2 M6a instances, powered by 3rd Gen AMD EPYC (Milan) processors, running at frequencies up to 3.6 GHz, which offer you up to 35 percent improvement in price performance compared to M5a instances. Many customers who run workloads that are dependent on x86 instructions, such as SAP, are looking […]

New — File Release for Amazon FSx for Lustre

Amazon FSx for Lustre provides fully managed shared storage with the scalability and high performance of the open-source Lustre file systems to support your Linux-based workloads. FSx for Lustre is for workloads where storage speed and throughput matter. This is because FSx for Lustre helps you avoid storage bottlenecks, increase utilization of compute resources, and […]

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Welcome to AWS Storage Day 2023

The fifth annual AWS Storage Day took place on Aug. 9, 2023 and you can see the replay here. The first AWS Storage Day was hosted in 2019, and this event has grown into an innovation day that we look forward to delivering to you every year. In last year’s Storage Day post, I wrote […]

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Mountpoint for Amazon S3 – Generally Available and Ready for Production Workloads

Update (September 2023) – Add information about enabling file deletion. Mountpoint for Amazon S3 is an open source file client that makes it easy for your file-aware Linux applications to connect directly to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets. Announced earlier this year as an alpha release, it is now generally available and ready […]

New – Improve Amazon S3 Glacier Flexible Restore Time By Up To 85% Using Standard Retrieval Tier and S3 Batch Operations

Last year, Amazon S3 Glacier celebrated its tenth anniversary. Amazon S3 Glacier is the leader in cloud cold storage, and I wrote about its innovations over the last decade. The Amazon S3 Glacier storage classes provide you with long-term, secure, and durable storage options to optimally archive your data at the lowest cost. The Amazon […]

New Seventh-Generation General Purpose Amazon EC2 Instances (M7i-Flex and M7i)

Today we are launching Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) M7i-Flex and M7i instances powered by custom 4th generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors available only on AWS, that offer the best performance among comparable Intel processors in the cloud – up to 15% faster than Intel processors utilized by other cloud providers. M7i-Flex instances are […]

Prime Day 2023 Powered by AWS – All the Numbers

As part of my annual tradition to tell you about how AWS makes Prime Day possible, I am happy to be able to share some chart-topping metrics (check out my 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 posts for a look back). This year I bought all kinds of stuff for my hobbies including a […]

Now Open – AWS Israel (Tel Aviv) Region

In June 2021, Jeff Barr announced the upcoming AWS Israel (Tel Aviv) Region. Today we’re announcing the general availability of the AWS Israel (Tel Aviv) Region, with three Availability Zones and the il-central-1 API name. The new Tel Aviv Region gives customers an additional option for running their applications and serving users from data centers […]