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Docker Trusted Registry – Now in the AWS Marketplace

During my trip to the AWS Loft earlier this month, I spoke to 8 startups for the AWS Podcast.  Almost all of them told me that they are making use of Docker on AWS, either directly or via Amazon EC2 Container Service. They love the flexibility that it gives them, and appreciate the ease with which they can move from development (often on a laptop) to test, and then on to production while remaining highly confident that their code and their configurations will work as expected in each environment.

In order to enable a very wide variety of use cases, we are making the Docker Trusted Registry (DTR) available in the AWS Marketplace. You can launch it on an EC2 instance in order to create a private registry.

This new offering supports the popular laptop-to-cloud workflow by giving you a central, highly accessible location to store and manage your Docker images for deployment in your chosen on-premises or cloud environment. You can create custom access control levels and use them to regulate access to the images in your registry. You can require the use of SSL certificates or LDAP entries, and you can take advantage of all of the network access controls that are part of the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

To learn more about the configuration options that are available to you, read the post New AWS Support for Commercially-Supported Docker Applications: Docker Trusted Registry and Docker Engine on the AWS Partner Network Blog.


Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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