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New job positions in Europe for Amazon Web Services

We have a number of open positions within Amazon Web Services in Europe. Most of these are based in Luxembourg. Here are the links to the positions:

  1. Technology Evangelist, Amazon Web Services
  2. Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services (UK-based)
  3. Marketing Manager, Amazon Web Services
  4. Business Development Manager, EU Solution Provider Program, AWS
  5. Regional Sales Manager, Germany and Nordic Region, AWS
  6. Technical Sales Representative, Amazon Web Services

If you’re interested and want to join our fast-growing AWS family, apply online using the link at the top of the position description.

I wish you “in bocca al lupo” (good luck) :-)

Simone Brunozzi – (@simon on twitter)
Technology Evangelist for AWS in Europe.

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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