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New Utility – Opt-in to Longer Resource IDs Across All Regions

Early this year I announced that Longer EC2 Resource IDs are Now Available, and kicked off the start of a transition period that will last until early December 2016. During the transition period, you can opt in to the new resource format on a region-by-region, user-by-user basis. At the conclusion of the transition period, all newly created resources will be assigned 17-character identifiers. Here are some important dates for your calendar:

  • November – Beginning on November 1st, you can use the describe-id-format command to check on the cutover deadline for the regions that are of interest to you.
  • December – Between December 5th and December 16th, we will be setting individual AWS Regions to use 17-character identifiers by default.

In order to help you to ensure that your code and your tools can handle the new format, I’d like to personally encourage you to opt in as soon as possible!

We’ve launched a new longer-ID-converter tool that will allow you to opt in, opt out, or simply check the status. If you have already installed the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), you can simply download, the script, make it executable, and then run it:

$ wget
$ chmod +x

Here are some of the things that you can do.

Check the status of your account:

$ ./ --status

Convert account, IAM Roles, and IAM Users to long IDs:

$ ./

Revert to short IDs:

$ ./ --revert

Convert the current User/Role:

$ ./ --convertself

For more information on this utility, check out the README file. For more information on the move to longer resource IDs, consult the EC2 FAQ.