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Image showing a magnifying glass that's analyzing data from Amazon S3.

Using AWS to enable SAP Application Auto Scaling

With AWS Auto Scaling, you only pay for what you require, helping to reduce operational cost and providing higher service level objectives. Gone are the days of calculating how many application servers you require to over-provision to stay above the SAPS calculated for your new project or the upcoming marketing campaign over the weekend.

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Shown here is a high level architecture for end-to-end enterprise anlytics landscape that include SAP applications running on AWS along with DataLakes and Analytics powered by AWS services.

Building data lakes with SAP on AWS

Customers are looking at ways to tap into SAP data along with non-SAP application data. They want real-time streaming data generated by internet-powered devices to build data and analytics platforms on AWS. In this post, I cover various data extraction patterns supported by SAP applications. I also cover reference architectures for using AWS services and other third-party solutions to extract data from SAP into data lakes on AWS.

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AWS Transfer for SFTP for SAP file transfer workloads – part 1

In this series of blog posts, learn how to integrate your SAP Process Integration and Orchestration (SAP PI/PO) and SAP Cloud Platform Integration with AWS Transfer for SFTP (AWS SFTP). Also, see how to use the data that AWS SFTP stores in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for post-processing analytics.

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