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2022 recap: channel seller features launches roundup

In 2022, AWS Marketplace launched several features to support channel sellers’ business. In this post, I provide summaries and links for key seller features AWS Marketplace made available in 2022, in case you missed them.

1. AWS Marketplace private offer notifications

AWS Marketplace private offer notifications provide visibility to independent software vendors (ISVs), channel partners, and buyers via email throughout the offer and agreement process. In 2022, AWS Marketplace launched notifications to support the offer lifecycle, including offer accepted and offer published notifications. To find out more, read Notifications for AWS Marketplace events in the Seller Guide.

2. AWS Marketplace reseller contract

AWS Marketplace enables sellers to provide visibility into the private offer transaction lifecycle. You can use a standard Reseller Contract for AWS Marketplace (RCMP) when authorizing channel partners to resell your products to AWS Marketplace buyers. RCMP enables sellers and channel partners to transact more quickly by reducing redundancy in legal contract reviews and further optimizes your resell operations. You can attach an RCMP or customized contract when creating a reseller opportunity. Channel partners can view and accept the reseller contract when they accept the reseller opportunity to create a Channel Partner Private Offer (CPPO). To learn more, read Creating a resell opportunity for a consulting partner as an ISV in the Seller Guide.

3. New status values for resale authorization in AWS Marketplace Management Portal (AMMP)

In the AWS Marketplace Management Portal (AMMP), you now have expanded resale authorization status values, including active, expired, restricted, and complete. You also now have the ability to see how many times a resale authorization was used to create a Channel Partner Private Offer. This provides sellers visibility into how your resale authorization is being used. You can read the New Status Values for Resale Authorization in AMMP feature announcement here.

4. Purchase order support for AWS Marketplace Professional Services listings

Purchase order support for AWS Marketplace Professional Services products enables buyers to add purchase order IDs when subscribing to a professional services product. Once provided, the resulting invoices (upfront or scheduled) reflect the purchase order ID. Purchase order support improves the accuracy and efficiency of buyers’ existing procurement and spend management processes, reducing operational overhead. To find out more, read Specifying purchase order numbers for SaaS contract or professional service products in the Buyer Guide.

5. AWS Marketplace seller reporting dashboards (preview)

AWS Marketplace released two Amazon QuickSight dashboards to provide you the ability to view, analyze, and track trends and metrics related to billed revenue and collections and disbursements. These dashboards have key business metrics, including gross revenue, gross refund, net revenue, amount disbursed, and wholesale cost. They also have over 10 filters, including invoice date, geography, company name, and over 15 visualizations on billing and disbursement trends. For more information, read Seller reports, data feeds, and dashboards in the Seller Guide.

Conclusion and next steps

In this post, I highlighted five new features released in 2022 channel sellers can use to increase visibility and time to market for your buyers. To find out about new features as they are released, you can sign up for the AWS Marketplace Channel Seller Newsletter and follow the AWS Marketplace What’s New site.

About the author

Lauren is a Senior Channel Program Manager for AWS Marketplace focuses on developing high value programs and features for AWS Marketplace Partners. In her spare time, you can find Lauren running at the beach or dancing in the kitchen with her nine-month old.