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Network detection and response at scale with ExtraHop and AWS Control Tower

Network detection and response at scale with ExtraHop and AWS Control Tower

When customers are transitioning to the cloud, the network and security teams have a standard set of goals: build a secure, reliable, scalable network topology. They achieve these goals by creating multiple Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) instances across multiple AWS accounts to provide permissions boundaries and isolate workloads from each other. While robust, […]

CI CD pipeline build container images AWS Marketplace

Building containers images for AWS Marketplace containers-based product with AWS CodePipeline

AWS Marketplace simplifies the way customers find, subscribe, and deploy software that runs on AWS. At Re:invent 2018, AWS Marketplace for Containers was launched for customers to discover and buy container products in AWS Marketplace. The product selection spans categories such as high-performance computing, security, and developer tools. In December 2020, AWS Marketplace announced an […]

building machine learning solutions faster with NVIDIA AWS Marketplace

Building machine learning solutions faster with the NVIDIA NGC catalog in AWS Marketplace

Machine learning (ML) has transformed many industries as organizations adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve their operational efficiencies, increase customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive edge. However, the process of training, optimizing, and running ML models to build AI-powered applications is complex and requires expertise. The NVIDIA NGC catalog provides graphics processing unit (GPU)-optimized AI […]