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Using Domo and AWS Data Exchange to discover, subscribe and access third-party data in the cloud

Customers working within data-driven tools such as business intelligence (BI) platforms, analytics platforms, or machine learning (ML) platforms often must find and procure third-party data from external sources. This is due to the lack of native access to third-party data. The time and resources required to prepare and integrate that data into a BI or analytics tool for use can take weeks or months, based on the size and frequency at which data is received.

In this post, Ryan and I will show you how Domo users can discover, subscribe to, and consume thousands of third-party datasets using the AWS Data Exchange Connector.


About Domo

Domo is an AWS Partner Network (APN) partner and advanced independent software vendor (ISV). Domo offers a cloud-native BI platform that puts well-governed BI in the hands of everyone across an organization, from the CEO to the frontline worker. Domo natively combines capabilities for data integration, analytics, and visualizations for real-time and predictive insights. Domo enables you to produce visualizations, dashboards, or even apps to communicate insights to the rest of your organization. These insights can even be published in other systems or webpages using Domo Everywhere.

About AWS Data Exchange

AWS Data Exchange simplifies the third-party data licensing and procurement process by making it easy to find, subscribe to, and access third-party data natively in the cloud. For data subscribers, AWS Data Exchange provides access to thousands of third-party data products from hundreds of qualified data providers in a single catalog in AWS Marketplace. For data providers, AWS Data Exchange makes it easy to reach the millions of AWS customers migrating to the cloud by removing the need to build and maintain infrastructure for data storage, delivery, billing, and entitling.

About Domo’s integration with AWS Data Exchange

Domo’s integration with AWS Data Exchange provides you with a native solution to discover, subscribe to, and access third-party data in the cloud without leaving their platform or web property. This reduces the data integration process from weeks or months to minutes.

The AWS Marketplace (AWSMP) Discovery API enables the pre-purchase search and discovery experience of the AWS Data Exchange catalog within Domo. Once you find a data product that fits your needs, you can subscribe to the data and populate it in the AWS Data Exchange Connector within Domo. Within minutes, Domo users can incorporate new third-party data directly into your existing workloads, power your analytics, create dashboards and visualizations, or incorporate into ML workloads on Domo.

How to discover and subscribe to third-party data via Domo Appstore

To discover and subscribe to third-party data in the Domo Appstore, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Domo Appstore. In the search bar in the upper left, enter AWS Data Exchange. Alternately, immediately below the search bar, you can select the AWS Data Exchange app.
  2. In the left sidebar, use the vendor, industry, pricing, and other filters to narrow your search.
  3. Once you find a dataset of interest, to see more information, select its tile. For example, the following screenshot is of the Tax Revenue (% of GDP) dataset from the World Bank Open Data, provided by Rearc. Review its additional information and metadata from the Product Description Page.

rearc dataset in AWS Data Exchange

If the dataset fits your needs, to subscribe to the data using your AWS account, in the upper right, select the orange Subscribe via AWS button. This takes you to the AWS Management Console.

  1. In the AWS Management console, log in to your AWS account. Review the subscription terms, subscription agreement, and renewal options for the dataset. To complete your subscription, scroll to the bottom of the product page and choose the orange button. A green banner at the top of the confirmation page will prompt you with a button to Return to Domo.
  2. This takes you to Domo’s AWS Data Exchange Connector, with the dataset you subscribed to in step 4 prepopulated. You can choose the required data format, ingest frequency, and additional settings to ingest the data back into Domo and immediately begin working with the dataset.

The following screenshot shows the Create AWS Data Exchange Connector DataSet page in Domo. It shows that we verified the Credentials, Details, and Advanced options, indicated with a white check on a green background. We are choosing a basic update interval of Every day with a Start between time of 6 PM UTC and 7 PM UTC with the Update method of Replace.

AWS data exchange Connector within Domo

  1. The connector now begins ingesting the desired dataset. You can now choose your desired action with respect to the data, such as Create a visualization or Share this dataset. To visualize the data, we choose Create a visualization. This opens the Domo Analyzer, where you can visualize the data using numerous chart options and customization settings, as well as access the underlying data. In this example, Domo preselected a bar chart. In the right sidebar, you can choose other visual presentation templates. You can also change the dimensions and measure on the left sidebar.

The following screenshot shows the multicolor tax bar chart the Domo Analyzer created in step 6, with country name on the x axis and the percentage of GDP from tax revenue on the y axis. The top navigation has Auto Preview and Chart Types selected. The left sidebar under DATA shows options for Dimensions, Measures, Beast Modes, and options to add calculated field and dynamic segments. The right sidebar shows the six most popular chart types.

Data Visualization in Domo using Rearc dataset from AWS Data Exchange


Congratulations! You just found, subscribed, and ingested third-party data from AWS Data Exchange in Domo!

Next steps

If you’re an existing Domo customer, visit the AWS Data Exchange listings in the Domo Appstore to explore new third-party data that can enhance your existing data-driven workloads.

If you’re not a Domo customer, subscribe to Domo from AWS Marketplace. You can also visit Domo to understand how you can begin using the power of Domo and third-party data from AWS Data Exchange.

If you’re interested in integrating with AWS Data Exchange, reach out to AWS Data Exchange Team.


In this post, Ryan and I showed you how to use third-party data from AWS Data Exchange in Domo. Domo’s integration with AWS Data Exchange enables you to discover and access new, third-party datasets without having to leave Domo’s analytics platform. This makes it possible to ingest and analyze datasets within minutes.


For a demo of the solution in action, view Discover Third-Party Data in the Domo Apps Store. You can also get access to pre-built Domo quickstart dashboards that provide actionable insights using data sets from SafeGraph or Burbio. If you would like to start a free trial of the solution, please connect with Domo on the AWS Partner Network.

About the authors

Jahnavi Jilledumudi is a Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS). She enables data and analytics partners and customers design and scale solutions on AWS. She has over 15 years of experience in data engineering and architecture, with recent lead architect roles in Save Mart Supermarkets and Bank of The West.


Ryan Rolf is the Channel Program Leader and Sr. Business Development Manager on AWS Data Exchange at AWS. In this role, Ryan drives strategic collaborations and programs for AWS Data Exchange, which is a service that makes it easy to find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud. Prior to AWS, Ryan has held multiple executive roles in various startup technology firms.