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Amazon QuickSight deployment models for cross-account and cross-Region access to Amazon Redshift and Amazon RDS

Many AWS customers use multiple AWS accounts and Regions across different departments and applications within the same company. However, you might deploy services like Amazon QuickSight using a single-account approach to centralize users, data source access, and dashboard management. This post explores how you can use different Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) private connectivity features to connect QuickSight […]

Using Amazon EMR with SQL Workbench and other BI Tools

This is a guest post by Kyle Porter, a Sales Engineer at Simba Technologies. Jon Einkauf, a Senior Product Manager for Amazon Elastic MapReduce and AWS Senior Technical Writer Jeff Slone also contributed to this post. —————- Note: Ports have changed on EMR 4.x,. Before walking through this post, please consult the EMR documentation to […]

Using Amazon EMR and Tableau to Analyze and Visualize Data

Rahul Bhartia is an AWS Solutions Architect Introduction Hadoop provides a great ecosystem of tools for extracting value from data in various formats and sizes. Originally focused on large-batch processing with tools like MapReduce, Pig and Hive, Hadoop now provides many tools for running interactive queries on your data, such as Impala, Drill, and Presto. […]