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Top Amazon QuickSight features and updates launched Q1 2022

Amazon QuickSight is a serverless, cloud-based business intelligence (BI) service that brings data insights to your teams and end users through machine learning (ML) powered dashboards and data visualizations, which can be access via QuickSight or embedded in apps and portals that your users access. This post shares the top QuickSight features and updates launched in Q1 2022.

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Groups Management UI

QuickSight now provides a user interface to manage user groups, allowing admins to efficiently and easily manage user groups via the QuickSight admin console. Groups Management UI is available to administrators with access to QuickSight admin console pages via AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) credentials.

To learn more, see Creating and managing groups in Amazon QuickSight.

Comparative and cumulative date and time calculations

Amazon QuickSight authors can now quickly implement advanced date/time calculations without having to use complicated row offsets or pre-computed columns. You can add these calculations in regular business reporting, trend analysis, and time series analysis.

To learn more about the new period functions and their capabilities in various use cases, see Add comparative and cumulative date/time calculations in Amazon QuickSight.

Rich text formatting on visual titles and subtitles 

QuickSight authors can now add rich context to their visuals by choosing from various formatting options like font type, size, style, color and style. You can also better organize the text by choosing from various alignment and ordering options. Visual titles and subtitles now also support hyperlinks as well as parameter-based dynamic text.

To learn more, see Formatting a visual title and subtitle.

Custom subtotals at all levels on pivot table

QuickSight allows you to customize how subtotals are displayed in pivot tables, with options for display at multiple levels and for both rows and columns.

To learn more, see Displaying Totals and Subtotals.

Auto refresh direct query controls

QuickSight now supports automatic refreshes of values displayed in drop-down, multi-select and other controls in dashboards that are in direct query mode. Values within controls are updated every 24 hours to ensure the data is automatically updated without any end-user intervention.

For further details, see Refreshing data in Amazon QuickSight.


QuickSight serves millions of dashboard views weekly, enabling data-driven decision-making in organizations of all sizes, including customers like the NFL, 3M, Accenture, and more.

To stay up to date on all things new with QuickSight, visit What’s New with Analytics!

About the Author

Mia Heard is a product marketing manager for Amazon QuickSight, AWS’ cloud-native, fully managed BI service.