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Meet one of Amazon QuickSight’s Top Community Experts: Sanjeeb Mohapatra

Launched in 2022, the Amazon QuickSight Community is a one-stop shop where business intelligence (BI) authors and developers from across the globe can ask and answer questions, stay up to date, network, and learn together about Amazon QuickSight. We are thrilled to feature Sanjeeb Mohapatra, the top Community Expert for 2023, in this post.

QuickSight Community Experts are a worldwide group of esteemed BI experts who share their incredible expertise in data visualization with the QuickSight Community in order to propel others forward on their BI and generative BI learning journey. Experts help others, providing in-depth technical knowledge, best practices, and vetted solutions to QuickSight questions. They welcome QuickSight newcomers and inspire and motivate growing BI enthusiasts. Each one of these Experts has made a huge impact on the QuickSight Community, leading to exponential, global Community growth! A QuickSight Community Expert is a top 10 Community member, ranked by their number of replies to customer questions in the Community and the percent marked by customers as a “Solution.”

Meet Sanjeeb

Figure 1: Sanjeeb Mohapatra

Figure 1: Sanjeeb Mohapatra

In 2023, Sanjeeb provided over 1,700 replies and more than 235 vetted solutions to questions from the Community in just one year! In addition, he was recognized as an AWS Community Builder. Serving as Senior Architect in AWS Data & Analytics for Quantiphi, Sanjeeb is a data lover specializing in implementing data and analytics solutions in the AWS Cloud. His day-to-day passion is to explore different dimensions of the data world, and he has created intuitive dashboards, extracted actionable insights, and optimized data visualizations for multiple large-scale customers. His expert knowledge in QuickSight’s advanced features, like QuickSight embedded dashboards and Amazon Q in QuickSight, empowers businesses and helps drive informed decision-making for his customers.

How did Sanjeeb get involved in the QuickSight Community?

Figure 2: Biswajit Dash (left) and Sanjeeb Mohapatra (right)

Figure 2: Biswajit Dash (left) and Sanjeeb Mohapatra (right)

Sanjeeb had hired Biswajit Dash, who was learning QuickSight on the job. Whenever Biswajit had any QuickSight questions, he took them to the QuickSight Community, which Sanjeeb didn’t know existed at the time. Biswajit soon became a top 10 Community Expert, and he sent Sanjeeb the details about the Community.

Upon learning about the QuickSight Community from Biswajit, Sanjeeb joined and advanced to becoming a top three Community contributor within a few months!

He learned that being a Community Expert is not just about knowing the answers to complicated questions. Sanjeeb also earned his Expert status by directing Community members to existing Community resources and introducing them to Experts on specific topics. In Sanjeeb’s words, “I think the QuickSight Community is one of the best platforms to share and explore knowledge.” He expressed how much he loves the ability to create feature requests and interact with people through the Community. Now, the Community is where he primarily goes for all queries related to QuickSight. In his words, “the Community is well organized and there is a lot to learn for anyone who wants to explore QuickSight.”

Biswajit shared that Sanjeeb is the only manager he has seen in his entire career who is always ready to help in every situation. “How Sanjeeb solves a bigger problem in less time,” says Biswajit, “is always appreciated,” and “he has a distinct personality and a work ethic that sets him apart from others.”

Why Amazon QuickSight?

Sanjeeb explained that his company’s data analytics solutions are in AWS and that QuickSight is integrated with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), and other AWS services. He delved into details, explaining that “[QuickSight] has lots of good features like forecasting, embedded dashboards, SPICE, custom SQL, and paginated reports.” He also expressed that QuickSight is a straightforward-to-use self-service tool, stating that “even users without much technical background can create and do the analysis.” Lastly, Sanjeeb believes QuickSight is extremely cost-effective, explaining that “QuickSight’s usage-based pricing is very pocket-friendly.”

Why the QuickSight Community?

Sanjeeb was drawn to the Community to get his questions answered and to help others. He had been using QuickSight for the past year and a half before learning about the benefits of the Community. After discovering the Community, he found that Community members, Solutions Architects, and Experts were able to answer his questions promptly and with detail. According to Sanjeeb, he “doesn’t have to look anywhere else.”

How did Sanjeeb become an Expert?

You may be interested in becoming a Community Expert yourself, or simply taking the plunge into the Community to see what it’s all about. We wanted to know what drew Sanjeeb into becoming a regular Community member, and eventually, an Expert. This is what he said about his journey:

“Being part of QuickSight Community, I learn something new every day. There are many events like monthly learning sessions for all levels and new feature deep dives. The details of those sessions are well notified in the Community, helping me to understand some great features like SPICE, embedded QuickSight dashboards, use of calculated fields, etc.

I usually spend time daily to understand the different questions raised by other Community members, and I help provide solutions to those questions. In time, my engagement with the Community increased and I was selected as one of the top contributors to the Community.”

Benefits of being an Expert

Sanjeeb told us that he “can certainly say that [he] was able to improve [his] QuickSight skills by joining the QuickSight Community.” In addition, Experts receive swag, visibility, and other benefits like early access to features.

What kind of influence has Sanjeeb had within the Community so far?

Every Saturday, Sanjeeb spends time participating in a cloud expert community on LinkedIn with many like-minded people from around the world. Sanjeeb met Sabiha Ashik, a 10-time AWS certified Solutions Architect at ScaleCapacity and a Dubai User Group Leader, through these LinkedIn sessions. When Sabiha saw that Sanjeeb was an expert in data analysis, she asked him how to implement QuickSight on a massive scale.

Figure 4: Sanjeeb (left) and Sabiha Ashik (right)

Figure 4: Sanjeeb (left) and Sabiha Ashik (right)

Sanjeeb and Sabiha talked for hours, and he helped her join the QuickSight Community and get connected to our QuickSight team to get the information and resources she needed. Sabiha has since become an AWS Hero, has invited her team members to join the QuickSight Community, and one of them—Shravya Reddy—has even become an QuickSight Community Expert!

How can you follow in Sanjeeb’s footsteps?

Whether you are a QuickSight enthusiast or just curious about learning more, Sanjeeb would recommend checking out the QuickSight Community, where you can find content for any QuickSight persona (author, reader, developer, admin). From there, you can learn how to accelerate your BI learning journey and connect with peers in the Community, whether that’s through exploring QuickSight in our Learning Center, asking questions and sharing your knowledge in the Q&A forum, or finding out about new features and events through our What’s New/Blog and Events sections.

The QuickSight Community’s new Developer Corner, which is a centralized, curated resource for all things embedded analytics, has also helped Sanjeeb in his learning journey. He believes that “for anyone who is looking to start their embedded analytics journey, Developer Corner is the place to explore first.” This resource is great for any Application Developer, at any level. In the Developer Corner, you’ll find how-to videos, demos hosted on our Demo Central sandbox environment, and a developer Q&A section for all of your questions.

Want to be a part of the QuickSight Community?

If Sanjeeb’s story inspired you, or if you just want to see what the Community is all about, we encourage you to join the QuickSight Community today. And who knows, maybe you’ll become an Expert! To learn more about how to become an QuickSight Expert, contact Kristin Mandia, our Sr. Online Community Manager for Amazon QuickSight, at

Connect with Sanjeeb

Interested in keeping up with Sanjeeb’s journey? Connect with him on the QuickSight Community.


Special thanks to Kristin Mandia, our QuickSight Community Manager, for giving all of our Experts a fantastic experience and the recognition they deserve, and for introducing me to Sanjeeb. Many thanks to all of our Experts. And of course, we couldn’t have done this without Sanjeeb Mohapatra, our Top Community Expert of 2023. Congrats, Sanjeeb, and thank you for being an integral part of our Community.

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Julia Bernstein is a Program Manager for Amazon QuickSight, Amazon Web Service’s cloud-native, fully managed BI service.