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Now safely catch-up with your work on the go with Echo Auto and Alexa for Business

According to the last United States Census Bureau survey, over 139 million drivers in the US spent an average of 52 minutes per day commuting to their jobs1. We know that many commuters try to use this commute time to check work emails and calendar using their cell phones, which can put their safety at […]

Now you can ask Alexa to inform meeting participants when you are running late.

Unexpected events such as traffic, or back-to-back meetings can sometimes cause us to be late to our next meeting. Informing meeting participants that we will be late can require multiple steps and we are often not in a position to send this simple message, for example, when we are driving. Starting today, you can ask […]

Integrating Alexa for Business with Polycom Group Series

Alexa for Business helps you simplify your meeting room experience. It lets you use your voice to start meetings and control your conference room equipment, such as the Polycom video conferencing equipment. At re:Invent 2017, AWS demonstrated an integration with the Polycom Group Series. Today, AWS is excited to launch support for Polycom Group Series […]

Setting up Alexa for Business with Cisco Telepresence video conferencing

Alexa for Business helps you simplify your conference room experience. It lets you use your voice to start meetings and control your conference equipment. You can say “Alexa, join my meeting” and Alexa starts your scheduled meeting. When there is no meeting on the calendar, Alexa prompts you for a meeting ID to start a […]

Calling from a shared address book in Alexa for Business

AWS has released a new feature in Alexa for Business that let you call your contacts from Amazon Echo devices located in meeting rooms, hotel rooms, or shared workspaces. You can already use Alexa for Business to join meetings or dial phone numbers. However, customers asked for the ability to call contacts from a central […]

New: Password expiration notification in Alexa for Business

If you’re an administrator, you know that you must periodically rotate passwords for security purposes. Forgetting passwords can be frustrating and sometimes disrupt service. AWS has paid close attention to customer feedback about this issue. Based on what you’ve told us, we added a password expiration notification for Microsoft Exchange service accounts linked to Alexa for […]