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James Beswick

Author: James Beswick

James Beswick leads the Serverless Developer Advocacy team at AWS. He works with AWS's developer customers to understand how serverless technologies can drastically change the way they think about building and running applications at massive scale with minimal administration overhead. Visit for more serverless content.

Event flow

Filtering events in Amazon EventBridge with wildcard pattern matching

Wildcard filters in EventBridge rules help simplify your event driven applications by ensuring the correct events are passed on to your targets. The new feature reduces the need for custom code, which was required previously. Try EventBridge rules with wildcard filters and experience the benefits of this new feature in your event-driven serverless applications. 

A typical API Gateway implementation with backend integrations to various microservices

Architecting for scale with Amazon API Gateway private integrations

This blog explores building scalable API Gateway integrations for microservices using VPC links. VPC links enable forwarding external traffic to backend microservices without exposing them to the internet or leaving the AWS network. The post covers scaling considerations based on using REST APIs versus HTTP APIs and how they integrate with NLBs or ALBs across VPCs.