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AWS Lambda Ready Partner extensions in the Lambda console

Performance and functionality improvements for AWS Lambda extensions

AWS Lambda extensions are a new way to integrate Lambda more easily with your favorite monitoring, observability, security, and governance tools. With the general availability announcement, AWS is introducing performance and functionality improvements. The Lambda service now returns the response from the function as soon as the function code is complete without waiting for the […]

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Bus-to-bus routing example architecture

Using bus-to-bus event routing with Amazon EventBridge

Using Amazon EventBridge, you can now route events between different event buses in the same Region and same AWS account. Combined with the ability to route events cross-Region, this provides you with significant flexibility in routing events in your workloads. This blog post explains how to use event routing and walks through ways you can […]

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Introducing the Amazon EventBridge service integration for AWS Step Functions

This post is courtesy of Stephen Liedig, Sr Serverless Specialist SA. AWS Step Functions now integrates with Amazon EventBridge to provide a simpler solution for producing events during a workflow. Step Functions allows you to build resilient serverless orchestration workflows with AWS services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon SNS, Amazon DynamoDB, and more. Step Functions […]

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Learn how to integrate AWS services with the Serverless Patterns Collection

The recently launched Serverless Patterns Collection is a repository of serverless examples that demonstrate integrating two or more AWS services. Each pattern uses either the AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) or AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK). These simplify the creation and configuration of the services referenced. The Serverless Patterns Collection is both an educational […]

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Using BatchSize in a SAM template

Operating Lambda: Performance optimization – Part 3

This post is the final part in a 3-part series on performance optimization in Lambda. The Lambda service makes frequent performance improvements in the underlying hardware, software, and architecture of the service. This post identifies the parts of the Lambda lifecycle where developers can make the most impact on performance.

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Better together: AWS SAM and AWS CDK

Today AWS is announcing the public preview of AWS Serverless Application Model CLI (AWS SAM CLI) support for local development and testing of AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) projects. AWS SAM and AWS CDK are both open-source frameworks for building applications using infrastructure as code (IaC). AWS SAM is template-based using JSON or YAML, […]

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Getting started with serverless for developers: Part 3 – The front door

This blog post is part 3 of Getting started with serverless for developers, helping developers to start building serverless applications from their IDE. In the previous post, I introduce AWS Lambda and show how functions are designed to run business logic for serverless applications. In this blog post, you see how to access that business […]

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