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Developing portable AWS Lambda functions

This blog post is written by Uri Segev, Principal Serverless Specialist Solutions Architect When developing new applications or modernizing existing ones, you might face a dilemma: which compute technology to use? A serverless compute service such as AWS Lambda or maybe containers? Often, serverless can be the better approach thanks to automatic scaling, built-in high […]

Implementing reactive progress tracking for AWS Step Functions

This blog post is written by Alexey Paramonov, Solutions Architect, ISV and Maximilian Schellhorn, Solutions Architect ISV This blog post demonstrates a solution based on AWS Step Functions and Amazon API Gateway WebSockets to track execution progress of a long running workflow. The solution updates the frontend regularly and users are able to track the […]

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Migrating to token-based authentication for iOS applications with Amazon SNS

This post is written by Yashlin Naidoo, Cloud Support Engineer. Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) enables you to send notifications directly to a mobile push endpoint. For iOS apps, Amazon SNS dispatches the notification on your application’s behalf to the Apple Push Notification service (APNs). To send mobile push notifications via Amazon SNS, you […]

Implementing architectural patterns with Amazon EventBridge Pipes

This post is written by Dominik Richter (Solutions Architect) Architectural patterns help you solve recurring challenges in software design. They are blueprints that have been used and tested many times. When you design distributed applications, enterprise integration patterns (EIP) help you integrate distributed components. For example, they describe how to integrate third-party services into your […]

Building ad-hoc consumers for event-driven architectures

This post is written by Corneliu Croitoru (Media Streaming and Edge Architect) and Benjamin Smith (Principal Developer Advocate, Serverless) In January 2022, the Serverless Developer Advocate team launched Serverlesspresso Extensions, a program that lets you contribute to Serverlesspresso. This is a multi-tenant event-driven application for a pop-up coffee bar that allows you to order from […]

Previewing environments using containerized AWS Lambda functions

This post is written by John Ritsema (Principal Solutions Architect) Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines are effective mechanisms that allow teams to turn source code into running applications. When a developer makes a code change and pushes it to a remote repository, a pipeline with a series of steps can process the change. […]

Best practices for working with the Apache Velocity Template Language in Amazon API Gateway

This post is written by Ben Freiberg, Senior Solutions Architect, and Markus Ziller, Senior Solutions Architect. One of the most common serverless patterns are APIs built with Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda. This approach is supported by many different frameworks across many languages. However, direct integration with AWS can enable customers to increase the […]

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Introducing AWS Lambda runtime management controls

This blog post is written by Jonathan Tuliani, Principal Product Manager. Today, AWS Lambda is announcing runtime management controls which provide more visibility and control over when Lambda applies runtime updates to your functions. Lambda is also changing how it rolls out automatic runtime updates to your functions. Together, these changes provide more flexibility in […]