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Amazon API Gateway mapping improvements

Yesterday we announced the new Swagger import API. You may have also noticed a new first time user experience in the API Gateway console that automatically creates a sample Pet Store API and guides you though API Gateway features. That is not all we’ve been doing: Over the past few weeks, we’ve made mapping requests and responses easier. […]

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Using Amazon API Gateway with microservices deployed on Amazon ECS

Rudy Krol, AWS Solutions Architect One convenient way to run microservices is to deploy them as Docker containers. Docker containers are quick to provision, easily portable, and provide process isolation. Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) provides a highly scalable, high performance container management service. This service supports Docker containers and enables you to easily run […]

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Introducing custom authorizers in Amazon API Gateway

Today Amazon API Gateway is launching custom request authorizers. With custom request authorizers, developers can authorize their APIs using bearer token authorization strategies, such as OAuth using an AWS Lambda function. For each incoming request, API Gateway verifies whether a custom authorizer is configured, and if so, API Gateway calls the Lambda function with the […]

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Using API Gateway mapping templates to handle changes in your back-end APIs

Maitreya Ranganath, AWS Solutions Architect Changes to APIs are always risky, especially if changes are made in ways that are not backward compatible. In this blog post, we show you how to use Amazon API Gateway mapping templates to isolate your API consumers from API changes. This enables your API consumers to migrate to new […]

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