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Managing quick connects with a new API in Amazon Connect

In the contact center world, agents frequently transfer contacts to other agents or queues. They also transfer calls to external Direct Inward Dialing (DID) or toll-free numbers. This may mean scanning hundreds of numbers to find the correct one to dial. Transferring the customer to the wrong destination also leads to inefficiency and frustration. Maintaining […]

Routing contacts based on external assessment of offline agent workload with Amazon Connect

Customer service departments where specialists answer incoming calls as well as perform back-office or offline duties (case processing, follow-ups, research, and troubleshooting), require different mechanisms for routing incoming contacts. Examples include mortgage originations, complex sales, and IT helpdesk to name a few. Most of these involve complex, multi-day, multi-step interactions with customers. The specialist workload […]

Contact Lens for Amazon Connect (Preview)

Today, AWS announced Contact Lens for Amazon Connect, a set of capabilities for Amazon Connect enabled by machine learning (ML) that gives contact center supervisors and analysts the ability to understand the content, sentiment, and trends of their customer conversations to identify crucial customer feedback and improve customer experience. Amazon Connect is an omnichannel cloud […]

Amazon Connect Costs Less

Amazon Connect costs less to operate than any other contact center Including a 26% price reduction on Amazon Connect telephony prices for U.S. customers. Here at AWS, we’re always trying to save our customers money, and on May 24, we did it again by reducing Amazon Connect telephony prices for our US customers by 26% […]

Automating outbound calling to customers using Amazon Connect

Two-way contact center communications are a powerful tool with which modern businesses can convey information, make inquiries, and report issues to customers—and vice versa. The powerful StartOutboundVoiceContact API action makes Amazon Connect the ideal tool for managing this dynamic. This action enables you to program outbound calls to contact customers. These contacts might take the […]

Recovering abandoned calls with Amazon Connect

At some point, you have likely had to hang up after waiting on the phone for an agent to help you. You lost your spot in the queue, without the option to leave a voicemail or receive a callback. This experience is exceptionally frustrating for users, and also damaging to a business from both a […]

Dynamically setting outbound numbers for contact centers with Amazon Connect

If a caller ID is local, customers are more likely to answer an incoming call. Because it’s unlikely that contact center agents are always local, our partners wanted to use Amazon Connect to place outbound calls using a local number, picked dynamically by the agent. This post presents a simple way to accomplish this, using […]

Building a survey IVR system with Amazon Connect

Contact centers commonly employ phone-based survey applications. These applications use interactive voice response (IVR) to obtain feedback on agent performance, the ease of conducting a transaction, or both. This post describes how to build a survey IVR using Amazon Connect. Although typical survey accept rates can vary depending on your workflow, coding a survey application […]

Getting AWS account security alerts on your phone with Amazon Connect

It’s critical to stay up-to-date with security-related events in your AWS account. In an earlier post, Receive Phone Call Alerts for AWS Account Security Events with Amazon Polly, I showed you how to get phone notices for critical alerts in your AWS account using Twilio. In this post, I use Amazon Connect to create the […]