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Preventing duplicate callback requests in Amazon Connect

Preventing duplicate callback requests in Amazon Connect Callback mechanisms are important in contact centers today because it allows callers to reserve their place in the queue without actually staying on the line. When their turn in the queue arrives, they receive an automatic callback from the contact center saving them precious time and providing an […]

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Deter spam callers using Amazon Connect

Contact centers often receive illegitimate phone calls where the caller is pretending to be someone else by using an existing customer’s phone number.  While you might simply fail a check on a web site because you don’t have the right credentials, contact center agents are trained to be polite even when something seems amiss, so […]

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Dynamically setting outbound numbers for contact centers with Amazon Connect

If a caller ID is local, customers are more likely to answer an incoming call. Because it’s unlikely that contact center agents are always local, our partners wanted to use Amazon Connect to place outbound calls using a local number, picked dynamically by the agent. This post presents a simple way to accomplish this, using […]

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