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ICYMI: AWS Cloud Containers Conference

On July 9th, the AWS Containers team hosted the first AWS Cloud Containers Conference (C3). The full day, virtual conference covered deep dives, launches, and demos on Amazon EKS, Amazon ECS, AWS Fargate, Amazon ECR, and AWS App Mesh. As well as, a keynote from GM of Kubernetes, Bob Wise, and closing remarks from Chief […]

Under the hood: AWS Fargate data plane

Today, we launched a new platform version (1.4) for AWS Fargate, which bundles a number of new features and capabilities for our customers. You can read more about these features in this blog post. One of the changes we are introducing in platform version 1.4 is replacing Docker Engine with Containerd as Fargate’s container execution […]

Upcoming Changes to IP Assignment for EKS Managed Node Groups

When using Amazon EKS, all nodes need the ability to connect to the EKS-hosted Kubernetes cluster and to other AWS APIs such as Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) or Amazon S3. Nodes can run in private or public subnets. For private subnets, this traffic typically routes through an AWS PrivateLink connection to reach endpoints within […]

Deep Dive on Amazon ECS Cluster Auto Scaling

Introduction Up until recently, ensuring that the number of EC2 instances in your ECS cluster would scale as needed to accommodate your tasks and services could be challenging.  ECS clusters could not always scale out when needed, and scaling in could impact availability unless handled carefully. Sometimes, customers would resort to custom tooling such as […]