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Amazon Elastic Beanstalk introduces support for shared load balancers

AWS customers love using managed services because they can offload the undifferentiated heavy lifting associated with deploying applications while they focus on innovating to support their business. Throughout the years, this is why so many customers have opted to use Amazon Elastic Beanstalk to deploy their software artifacts. Customers can pick a runtime environment, point […]

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Maintaining Transport Layer Security all the way to your container: using the Application Load Balancer with Amazon ECS and Envoy

This post is contributed by Sri Mallu, Re Alvarez-Parmar, and Sahil Thapar Application Load Balancer has been an instrumental element when it comes to building highly available, scalable, and secure applications. AWS customers can rely on ALB to perform functions that have been traditionally implemented in application’s code. Let’s take connection security as an example, […]

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AWS CodeDeploy now supports linear and canary deployments for Amazon ECS

AWS CodeDeploy has extended blue/green deployment support for Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) to include canary and linear deployments for applications hosted on AWS Fargate or Amazon Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). Blue/green deployments are a safe deployment strategy provided by AWS CodeDeploy for minimizing interruptions caused by changing application versions. This is accomplished by creating […]

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