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Configure Amazon EKS for environmental sustainability

Introduction Sustainable cloud design requires understanding and minimizing the impacts of architectural decisions. With conscientious cloud architecture, we can innovate rapidly while treading lightly on our shared environment. As cloud computing becomes ubiquitous, it’s imperative that we build sustainable cloud architectures that minimize environmental impacts. While cloud economies of scale improve efficiency, our design choices […]

Read the blog post on Amazon EKS and Spot Instances in action at Delivery Hero.

Amazon EKS and Spot Instances in action at Delivery Hero

This post was coauthored by Christos Skevis, Senior Engineering Manager, Delivery Hero; Giovanny Salazar, Senior Systems Engineer, Delivery Hero; Miguel Mingorance, Senior Systems Engineer at Delivery Hero at the time the blog post was written; Cristian Măgherușan-Stanciu, Senior Specialist Solutions Architect, Flexible Compute, AWS; and Sascha Möllering, Principal Specialist Solutions Architect, Containers, AWS. This post […]

How to build your containers for ARM and save with Graviton and Spot instances on Amazon ECS

Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) is a fully managed container orchestration service that enables you to deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications. For the underlying compute capacity of an Amazon ECS cluster, customers can choose between different types and sizes of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances. For many years, machines based on […]

Amazon EKS now supports provisioning and managing EC2 Spot Instances in managed node groups

This post was contributed by Ran Sheinberg, Principal Solutions Architect and Deepthi Chelupati, Sr Product Manager Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) makes it easy to run upstream, secure, and highly available Kubernetes clusters on AWS. In 2019, support for managed node groups was added, with EKS provisioning and managing the underlying EC2 Instances (worker […]

Optimizing Amazon Elastic Container Service for cost using scheduled scaling

Elasticity and cost have always been major factors in improving the operational efficiency of organizations, which in turn drives business transformation and agility. Elasticity is defined as the ability of the infrastructure (including application) to be able to seamlessly scale out and scale in based on the load. This is also called auto scaling. If […]

Cost optimization for Kubernetes on AWS

Since publication, we reduced the price for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) by 50% to $0.10 per hour for each Kubernetes cluster that you run.  This post was contributed by AWS Container Hero, Casey Lee, Director of Engineering for Liatrio The combination of Amazon EKS for a managed Kubernetes control plane and Amazon EC2 for […]