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Replicate your data from Amazon Aurora MySQL to Amazon ElastiCache for Redis using AWS DMS

Caching enables the best user experience for real-time applications. You can build applications that provide sub-millisecond response times by storing the most frequently requested data in an in-memory cache like Redis. On August 30, 2021, we announced the support for migrating your data from supported sources to Redis, Amazon ElastiCache for Redis, and Amazon MemoryDB […]

Amazon ElastiCache introduces support for Redis 6.2

In October 2020, we announced Redis 6 compatibility for Amazon ElastiCache for Redis. This update included significant features like role-based access control (RBAC), client-side caching, and several operational improvements designed to improve application availability and reliability. Specifically, Amazon ElastiCache improved replication under low memory conditions, especially for workloads with medium and large-sized keys, by reducing […]

Scale your Amazon ElastiCache for Redis clusters at a lower cost with data tiering

Amazon ElastiCache for Redis provides a convenient way to manage Redis at scale. You can use it for a variety of workloads, ranging from caching, session stores, real-time analytics, gaming leaderboards, and messaging. We’re always looking for ways to increase price/performance for our customers. Some examples include releasing enhanced I/O handling, which increased the throughput […]

How Statsig runs 100x more cost-effectively using Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

This post was written by guest authors, Rodrigo Roim, Marcos Arribas, and Anu Sharma from Statsig. Today, developers use feature gates to control feature roll out to manage the risk of bad deployments, but some remain blind to how customers would respond to a new feature. Statsig is a modern feature management and product experimentation […]

How Coupa migrated from a self-hosted Redis to fully managed Amazon ElastiCache

This is a guest post by Ramesh Sencha, Lead Cloud Engineer at Coupa. Coupa Software (NASDAQ: COUP) is a leader in Business Spend Management (BSM). Coupa enables companies around the world with the visibility and control they need to spend smarter and safer. Coupa offers value to over 2,000 customers across the globe as a […]

Best practices: Redis clients and Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

In this post, we cover best practices for interacting with Amazon ElastiCache for Redis resources with commonly used open-source Redis client libraries. ElastiCache is compatible with open-source Redis. However, you may still have questions about how to optimize your applications and associated Redis client library configurations to interact with ElastiCache. These issues typically arise when […]

Get started with Amazon ElastiCache for Redis and Memcached: Introducing the ElastiCache learning path

Ready to get started with Amazon ElastiCache? Introducing the new learning path Amazon ElastiCache: In-memory data store fundamentals, use cases, and examples. ElastiCache is a managed in-memory caching service compatible with Redis and Memcached, enabling you to seamlessly set up, run, and scale in-memory data stores in the cloud. In this new learning path, follow […]

Reduce cost and boost throughput with Global Datastore for Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

Amazon ElastiCache for Redis is a Redis-compatible, fully managed caching service. ElastiCache for Redis helps you achieve extreme performance with microsecond latency at cloud scale with minimal management costs. Global Datastore is a feature of ElastiCache for Redis that provides fully managed, fast, reliable, and secure Cross-Region Replication. With Global Datastore, you can write to […]

MYCOM OSI Service Impact Engine migration to Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

This is a guest post by Dirk Michel, SVP, SaaS Technology & Solutions Architecture at MYCOM OSI, in partnership with AWS Solutions Architect Specialist, Zach Gardner. MYCOM OSI offers assurance, automation, and analytics software as a service (Saas) applications for the digital era. The Assurance Cloud Service provides critical end-to-end performance, fault and service quality […]

Learn how Dream11, the World’s largest fantasy sports platform, scale their social network with Amazon Neptune and Amazon ElastiCache

This is a guest post co-written by Bharat Kumar, Graph Databases Lead at Dream11. Dream11, the flagship brand of Dream Sports, is the world’s largest fantasy sports platform, with more than 100 million users. We have infused the latest technologies of analytics, machine learning, social networks, and media technologies to enhance user experience. Dream11 is […]